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05-17-2007, 12:31 PM
This guide was translated from Swedish by Alex Buchka, thanks.

It was originally posted at http://www.volvo940turbo.dk/

Thank You to volvo940turbo.dk for graciously allowing me to share this with you (us) yanks! :-P

::[ Mounting an 850R bumper onto a 940! ]::


You need:
An 850 upper part (newer model ,95-97) Part nr : 3512818, 2200 SEK
An 850 spoiler. R version or plain. (newer model ,95-97) Part nr : 9151251, 2100 SEK
850 Fog lights 1995-97, Part nr (right)9451598, (left)9451599, 800 SEK/each
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1. Disassemble the entire front end except for the main support bar and the headlights.

2. Loosen the nuts holding the support bar from behind and slide it up a good bit so it sits nice and flush with the bottom of the lights, then tighten the nuts

These are the nuts you have to loosen in order to move the support bar

Here, the support bar hasnít been raised at all; there is a very big gap.

This is what the raised support bar is supposed to look like. ( Picture credit to Jonas N "Speedfreak")

3. Test mount the upper part of the bumper, try to hide the gap that appears between the upper bumper and the bottom of the lights. I filled it in with body filler since I was painting all of it black anyway, but if you donít want to do that just pull the upper part back a little bit to hide it as best you can. Just use trial end error until the gap is as small as possible, or just whip out the body filler.

Picture of the gap, but itís not really attached all the way. It needs to be moved back a little bit more. This is just to illustrate exactly where the gap appears. (Picture credit to Jonas N "Speedfreak")

4. Now itís time to attach it. I drilled some holes under the grill and attached the upper bumper from above with nuts and bolts. On the sides a more custom solution is needed, like some sort of plate that attaches to the upper bumper and is then bent to attach to the original bumper mounting holes. For the wheel wells I used a mounting screw that attachťs the quarter panel right above the original bumper mounting hole. I used a piece of flat iron that was long enough to reach the quarter panel mount that I bolted to the ďrearĒ of the upper bumper, then I bent it at the proper length and attached it to the body. (see picture for clairification)

The white screw all the way to the right was used to fit the wheel well part of the upper bumper. The two holes underneath were used to mount the sides.

5. Here is the original 940 side mount that I removed. (Picture credit to Jonas N "Speedfreak")

This is the angled piece of flat iron I made to attach the wheel well part of the upper bumper.

6. Make sure everything is straight and looks good before you tighten it all down.

7. Now itís time to attach the lower bumper. It just snaps into place.

8. The fog light mount looks like this:
It attaches to a hole drilled in the support bar. The mount is very stable and doesnít move at all.

9. Next step is to attach the mesh that covers the holes next to the fog lights. Or, you can do what I did and use wire mesh attached with safety wire.

10. This might seem confusing at first, but once all the parts are laying in front of you it becomes clear. Iím sure there are at least 10 other ways to attach them, this is one. Good luck!

::[ Widening the rear bumper with 850 parts ]::


This was not a project I was planning on doing, but I managed to get 2 rear bumpers for about 400 SEK; One for an 855 and one for an 854. Both olive green.

The lengths are different for the sedan and wagon bumpers. If you use the sedan center section with the wagon sides everything works out perfectly.

This is what the sedan bumper looks like without widening. Itís just as narrow on the other side. Note that it doesnít extend out of the back any farther either, so it looks very strange.

854 bumper as seen in the above picture. Too narrow and too short.

Holes for exhaust cutouts done and plastic trim test installed. Also, bumper graft in progress.

Grafting completed. The center section is from the sedan bumper and the sides are from the wagon version.

In order for the bumper to have the correct dimensions you have to cut the sides off of the sedan bumper as far ďoutĒ as possible and graft the wagon sides on to it.

Here it is newly painted. The upper part is painted with some sort of structure paint that looks like the original gray trim.

The finished product. Turned out pretty well considering I have never done this before.

854 rear bumper 300 SEK
855 rear bumper 100 SEK
2 exhaust cutouts for 850 173 SEK (part nr: 9151783)
Fiberglassing 200 SEK
Paint was cheap since a friend did it.

Translation: abuchka@gmail.com

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The pictures are being hosted by the original site.
If they ever don't load, let me know so I rehost them somewhere else.

Unfortunately I haven't done this project yet. So I probably won't be able to offer any help. Other than moral support. :lol: But have no problem trying.

Good Luck, remember, post lots of pics when you are finished!


05-17-2007, 01:49 PM
Cool idea! Will it improve gas mileage? Only one pic made it through, the first one about raising the support bar.

Thanks for posting this.

05-17-2007, 05:04 PM
Yeah I'd love to see some more pics.

Matt Dupuis
05-18-2007, 04:07 PM
You'll have to follow the link and look around a bit. I found the article, but it doesn't allow hotlinking.

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Will this compromise on safety? I love my big front bumpers :)

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oh snap!, save pics/upload them please

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Sorry for a half assed job, but it was for a reason.

I wanted to send the author a link to the thread so he could see what I was talking about. However didn't want to waste an hour linking the pictures if they didn't agree.

If you can't wait you can dl the translated word files here.



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Finally remembered and had a few minutes to get all of the pictures posted. The original author had no problem with me posting it and said he was glad it could be of use.

The word files are still available if you'd like to download them.

Thanks again to Alex for the translation.


01-27-2008, 11:15 AM
I've just done this using the guide as inspiration, and it's come out really well!


Thanks for posting this and the translation!