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01-21-2008, 01:28 PM
Its in!
Installed my fmic yesterday. Took me about 6-7 hours in total, the piping looks real good though in comparison to others I've seen.
Total cost: $188 for EVERYTHING including shipping. I bought a CXRacing FMIC kit off ebay. Size is 27X6X2.5 with 2.25" piping. The core is 21X6X2.5.

Pics of the mock up of the piping, and before polishing. As you can see, I went around the charcol canister too :cool:








After it was installed, and I hit some of the pipes with aluminum polish:







It definitely pulls harder. I noticed more low end torque and louder turbo. My EBC is set to 17psi, but with the front mount I am hitting and holding 18psi strong. Definitely worth the money, and I cant wait to see how it does this summer. I havent blown a single pipe off yet either, the tbolt clamps are holding really well.

If you plan on doing this yourself, you will need to order an extra J pipe and an extra 90 degree silicone coupler. I had extra stuff because I had my old OEM hoses and also my stylin motors hoses. I only had to cut the J pipe on the hot side in half right at the bend. I put a coupler in between the two pieces to give it an extra inch or so of extension so it could fit around the canister. I didnt want anything hanging down. If you decide to do this yourself based on my pictures, you will have to cut your extra J pipe you ordered in half at the bend, and use that piece where you see the pipe where my BOV is. Other than that, everything else will be the same. Here is a description of the piping:

Hot side, from turbo:
90 degree pipe ---> straight coupler ---45 degree pipe --->45 degree coupler--->straight pipe.....90 degree coupler--->cut J pipe---> straight coupler--->cut J pipe---> intercooler

Cold side, from TB:
Cut J pipe--->90 degree coupler--->straight pipe--->90 degree coupler---->J pipe---->intercooler

01-21-2008, 01:33 PM
cleanest 850 instal i have seen! props! great job LOOKS MEAN!

01-21-2008, 01:42 PM
And finally some bits for the FWD on the cheap!

Looks awesome!!! I'd get one too... if I was keeping my 850.

01-21-2008, 01:51 PM
cleanest 850 instal i have seen! props! great job LOOKS MEAN!

Thanks man! :)