View Full Version : Addiction (New Server REALLY slow loading?)

Three Fat Tigers
02-05-2004, 11:13 PM
Help! At times I'm driven to play solitaire while waiting for the board to load pages and at times there are long periods of nothingness while my browser looks in vain for a fix on Turbobricks. These events have been increasing lately in frequency. I cant handle solitaire, I just cant stop playing even when the pages finally load....help!!

What happened to the board anyway? it was more reliable just a few months ago. And no it's not on my end, when these events are underway I can access any other site on the net at a blinding clip.

02-06-2004, 12:36 AM
honestly i have no idea... you're not the only one either.

so far its not browser specific, location specific, isp specific... 1/2 of us are blazing fast... the rest are normal... and like 5 or so of you are getting a taste of 9600 baud rates and i cant figure out why.

for those that have this problem... if you could be so kind as to email me the following in hopes my host can figure it out:

city, state
ISP (like aol or earthlink etc)
IP address (start | run | type in command | type in ipconfig)
and a trace route:
same as getting IP address but type in tracert forums.turbobricks.com and just turbobricks.com instead

Im really sorry about the issues.. tough to say whether a stable server is better then one that works ok for everyone


02-06-2004, 12:44 AM
I'm getting slow access too.

02-06-2004, 12:47 AM
now mike, people that actually USE a 9600 baud modem dont count here :-P

Three Fat Tigers
02-06-2004, 01:04 AM
Also it's not like it's loading really slowly. Most of the time when there is an event or lag, no data is being transferred and I only see a blank white page while IE indicates it's still loading and this will last for between 30 seconds and 4 minutes. And then sometimes only the page header area is transferred, and then it stops. Then when it finally frees up, it continues to load at normal speed. Then sometimes I get noting at all or just the cannot find server page, when this happens it could be 10 to 30 minutes before I can get back in. This is the only site I've ever been to that I've experienced this.

Also posting replys or edits used to be real quick, but now it's very rarely so, it to will hang but not as long, only a 1.5 min. at the most.

02-06-2004, 01:05 AM
i agree with TFT....i'm experienceing the same stuff

i sent you an email, dana :wink:

Hank Scorpio
02-06-2004, 02:20 AM
Ive seen it. A refresh ussualy brings it back up to speed.

fast as hell the rest of the time

02-06-2004, 03:03 AM
What's a modem? I do my own demodulation, dammit!


I agree on the "reply" problems with the page loading. Takes a LOT longer than usual. Also, as a page loads, I'll starting seeing part of it and I can scroll down as it loads. Eventually it gets to the end so I can see the entire thread, but the page is still loading for a short time after. It's definitely running slow on my end.

02-06-2004, 05:59 AM
I am experiencing most of the same probs, I'm using dsl w i/e. I will usually get a server not found message.

02-06-2004, 12:03 PM
I agree, it's slower. It even seems to stop at times.

Michael, I was too poor to get a computer that uses 1s, I only have 0s.

02-07-2004, 12:23 AM
ok fellas... tell me if its any faster... i fixed a problem where every load it was looking for a file in the wrong place, and also went back and cleaned up the topics and posts tables in the db to run a little faster.

760T man
02-07-2004, 07:04 AM
Made a difference here, Dana. :wave:

Hank Scorpio
02-07-2004, 12:06 PM
so far so good

02-07-2004, 01:31 PM
Yep. Better.

02-07-2004, 05:10 PM
Mine was better, but today it seems to be back to slow again... Definatly not as slow or as frequent as when it was really bad, but definatly not as fast as the old server


02-07-2004, 05:12 PM
I agree with Jordan...mine had a quick moment (an hour or so) but its back to almost as slow as it was....i can deal tho

Three Fat Tigers
02-07-2004, 08:19 PM
Running nice and fast :x:

Major improvement here, no problems to report outside of the new thread I just posted :grrr:

02-10-2004, 06:44 AM
so far, so good.

02-10-2004, 11:14 AM
For those of you who still seem to have a delay (major) when refreshing the page:

delete your cache:

IE: tools | internet options | "delete files.."
NS: edit | preferences | advanced | cache | "clear disk cache" as well as "clear memory cache"

the file that was updated to remove the dead link is a CSS style sheet... which gets cached to your hard drive or ram (depending on your settings) to make things faster for you. If it hasnt been updated you will still have the same bad link when you refresh the page.

In IE if you want to not delete all your cached webpages, you can go into the "settings" option there and go to "view files"... find and delete the the file called subSilver.css from http://forums.turbobricks.com

nothing but turbo
02-10-2004, 01:13 PM
working good inside the barn... where I've got 56K! :x: