View Full Version : clips/adaptors to install aftermarket speakers in doors of 1990 240?

Bigscreen Bob
02-19-2008, 04:03 PM
Sorry if this topic has been covered ad nauseum here. A search didn't produce the info I'm looking for.

I've just purchased a nice pair of Kenwood KFC-1077 speakers for my 1990 240 from a turbobricks seller, but Kenwood mounting plate is too small to fit in the stock hardware in the door. The seller told me he'd had the speakers in a 1985 244 with no problem, but that he'd used "little stock metal clips that had a threaded part in them for the mounting screws...the clips slid over the door panel and could be moved around to line up with the speaker holes...I dont think thats the setup you have. I would go to cricuit city or best buy or even the junkyard and find these clips from an older 240."

I've called Circuit City and Best Buy and they don't have such clips.

Anybody have these clips or know where to get them? Or do I need some other approach to mounting them in the 240 doors. I want to keep using the Volvo OEM HT-204 grilles.

driven sydeways
02-19-2008, 07:01 PM
the speakers you have in your car are 5 1/4" speakers, and i would guess the speakers you bought were 4 inch speakers like all of the older cars had; if you want make an adapter out of sheet metal or plastic? good luck

02-19-2008, 11:30 PM
The Car Toys near me has some sort of plate that they use to fit 4" speakers in the 5.25" locations on our newer cars.

I really wish there was a nice fix for the original speakers in my car. I don't like ugly grills, I don't like small speakers, and I don't like poor quality sound. I don't like speakers that don't have grills either.

I REALLY want to upgrade the sound system in my car, but looking relatively conservative/stock or at least CLEANLY done is very important to me. :(