View Full Version : Advantages and disadvantages on my early 760T

05-05-2009, 01:51 AM
Weak chassis: The bodywork seems to be made of thinner metal compared to 240 and the doors shut with a rather junky sound.
OK traction: Wheelspin occurs rather easily throughout first gear and sometimes second gear, the back end is light and narrow rubber? But should be better than some IRS cars because it has no tramp.
Large and slow steering: The thin steering wheel feels ok but in spirited driving it feels large and unweildy.
soft front suspension: a little wallowy, rear end is Nivomat no complaints but an auto pump system would work better.
Reverse gear: can often be hard to engage or grind.
Gear gate alignment: 1st and 2nd are far from neutral but 3rd and 4th are almost straight up and down.
Interior adhesiveness: bits and pieces unstick.
Rear Speaker: Sunshine ruined the surrounds, otherwise the speaker is hifi quality and the front undamaged ones sound great.
Radio Aerial: Does not have up/down switch.
Seat: they lack side support.
Exterior detail: some of the details are kind of cheesy, like the door protection area.
Cruise control: doesn't work
Engine: gets a bit harsh at higher revs
Ride: gets a bit harsh and has steering kickback.
Funky clutch: engages and disengages abruptly and has a lot of deadzone.
Drifting stability: can become a handful when exiting a drift.
Cooling system: can run hot especially with A/C.

Paint: metallic is very evident and very shiny and deep.
B23FT: tough engine that idles with stability, torque is great at low to medium revs with matching turbo.
Fuel efficiency: gets fantastic 10km/L beats many comparable performance new cars.
Aerodynamics: very stable with lack of wind noise and tracks great. Highway king!
Real calfskin: soft and luxurious.
Lightweight: feels nippy.
Clock: keeps time great and has expensive sounding click.
Informative gauge cluster: All the information at a glance.
Rear seat: High class comfort with soft big armrest and headrest and reading lamps, lots of space. Has big heating vents beneath seats.
Quietness: Idles quietly provided you have an intact exhaust system.
Automatic Air cond: gets chilly quick.
Low window line all around: can rest your arms on wide window ledge comfortably.
Dash design: driver oriented design is rather cockpit like and has provisions to install a TV.
Central locking: controls the boot too!
Looks: front end has presence and looks quite cool in a squarish and chromy kind of way.
Strong bumpers: no problems dealing with car park battles.