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02-28-2011, 04:17 PM
What would I need to convert from dual rectangle lights on each side to single on each side. I'm referring to front end lights, Thanks!

02-28-2011, 04:31 PM
You're going to need a few things.. Single round headlight buckets, along with the surrounds / bezels. You'll also need a flathood grill. A flat hood isn't absolutely necessary, but you'll have about 2 inches of overhang. Currently running that way myself (actually, grill-less too until my grill arrives in a few days) until I can find a flat hood somewhere around North Carolina, which probably means never.

The process is as simple as... Removing the pins for the grill & headlight bezels. Pop them out. Then unscrewing the sealed beam silver brackets and removing / unplugging the lights... Unscrew the four bolts used to hold in the quad beam buckets and pull them out. Pop in the new buckets and lights, and then pop in the new bezels and grill. Voila. 15 minutes later, you're done.

You will need to change a few pins on your headlight plugs. Although the plug is the same, if you just plug in the 7" bulb, you'll get dim lighting on lows with regular high beams. The pin pattern actually needs to be changed to the following..


Colors should be correct. Ground wires are black, low beams are blue/green, and hi-beams are red. Hi-beams in red & black grounds also link up with the second plug from the previous quad rectangle setup, which will go unused unless you want to add secondary fogs or driving lights that get activated when you switch to hi-beams. Might as well just leave 'em in there. Anyway, you'll need to change those pins to the above pattern. Just involves sticking a small tool in the pins and depressing the metal clip. This will allow you to pull the pins out and change the order. When you have the pins out, push the little metal piece back into place so that when you insert it into the plug, it will lock into place once more.

Note: If you switch to H4 bulbs and not sealed beams, the pin pattern above is correct. 7" rounds match the H4 pin pattern. I'd recommend getting some E-Codes as the light produced by the 7" rounds with good H4 bulbs is fantastic and absurd. Renders most supplementary driving / fog lights obsolete. AutoPals are available on Ebay for about $40 shipped. Hellas will run you $90 for the set or so, Cibies somewhere in the $140-150 range. Bosch ecodes are also available from Busdepot.com for about $45 or so.

Your wiring harness should be redone at the same time, if you can help it. I've currently got about 12.5 volts at my lights, which isn't horrible, but still represents about a 15-20% drop in available light output. Pretty easy to wire up a new harness and relays which should allow the full 13.5 volts or so. Cheapie wiring harnesses are available, notably the H4 conversion kit available from Eautoworks.com. This kit is bundled and resold by many other vendors, but they have it the cheapest. Relays included are somewhat crappy, and aren't the Bosch pattern, but are still available at most large auto-parts chains. That harness will run you about $26 shipped. They use a lower gauge wire however (16 gauge all around), so if you want to do it right, I'd recommend just hitting up a junkyard for some extra Bosch 12V 30A relays and sockets, and just wire your own with 12 gauge wire. Do it once and do it right. If you really don't want to make a new harness, then purchase one from www.rallylights.com or another good vendor. Their harness is a little costly ($80 or so), but uses high quality components all around and appears to be very well built.

And that's it, in a nutshell.

02-28-2011, 07:40 PM
wow elaborate post. Will be collecting stuff @ work and see what i do need to purchase.

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