View Full Version : If your car stalls after heavy rain READ THIS!!!

09-07-2004, 09:33 PM

Well...I finally figured out my stalling problems after a heavy downpour (ie, Tropical Strom GASTON and FRANCES) My car once again stalled on me about 5 miles away from my house... THis is the second time in a row and it was after a heavy downpour...SO I went and bought new weather stripping for the hood since I thought that there was water leaking through the old stripping onto the distributor..I tested the leak by pouring a bucket of water over the hood..while I place a dry paper towel on top of the distributor..I opened up the hood and there was a big water spot. So I though I placed the weahter stripping wrong incorrectly..after adjusting it a couple of time and pouring more water on top of the hood, the leak was still there. BUT...I noticed water droplets on underneath the windshield washer nozzle. So I decided to plug that with a dry paper towel and also placed another on top of the distibutor. Closed the hood and dumped another bucket of H20..opened it up and SURPRISE!! no water spot on the paper towel..pulled out the paper towel stuffed in the are of the nozzle and it was soaked. I FINALLY found the leak which was letting water dripped down dircetly on the distibutor which stalled out the car...I bought some silicone and place a big clump on top of the washer..I'll be leak testing it tom..and hope that would be the end of my stalling problem. SO..hope that this will help others figure out the stalling problems of our brick especially after a heavy rain.

Three Fat Tigers
09-08-2004, 03:26 AM
Amazing! :rofl: