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11-24-2004, 10:07 AM
Hi everyone,
purchased my set of s70 T5 wheels recently they look amazing and i am desperate to put them on. i bought them knowing there was a difference in the offset between the s70 and the 940 but have been reliably informed that a good set of hubcentric wheel spacers will solve this problem. i cant remember the exact offsets but would i be correct in assuming that the size of spacer required is simply the difference between offsets - as i recall 21mm?
if someone could confirm or deny this then that would be great?
has anyone made this modification? :???:

11-24-2004, 10:57 AM
Two ways to do this: 1) go with a 20mm hubcentric spacer that is sandwiched between the hub and the wheel, using new, longer studs and lugnuts (H&R Springs DRS type spacer). Pros - simple spacer setup that even the average mechanic can deal with without screwing up reinstallation. Cons - must replace studs by knocking old ones out and pulling new ones through hub; also limits you to max of 20mm spacer (correct adjustment for FWD wheels), which will make S70 wheels fit perfect but some will say is not wide enough. Best deal I've found on internet for quality spacers here (~$110/set):

2) go with a bolt-on hubcentric spacer. Spacer bolts to hub with additional nuts, and has integral studs that the wheel then mounts to with original lugnuts (H&R type DRM). Pros - can go with thicker spacer if wanted for looks and handling. Cons - twice as many nuts to torque correctly, and slightly higher weight. H&R makes nice spacers but probably the best (pricey!) is made by Gil Racing:
Hope this helps. Post pics when you get 'em mounted! -Boozer

11-24-2004, 12:36 PM
would i be correct in assuming that the size of spacer required is simply the difference between offsets - as i recall 21mm?
In short, yes you are correct. You also have to take into consideration the width of the wheel, as the offset value is taken from the centerline. For firment purposes, the width of the wheel is important. You could take a 10 inch wheel with the proper (stock value) offset, and it wouldn't fit. Because you are using S70 wheels, we can assume that they are 7" width at the most. If this is the case, getting a spacer to return the offset back to the stock value would be sufficient.

When I did the math to mount the Tethys wheels on my 242, I checked it many times. I ended up with 28mm front spacers and 42mm rear. They fit perfectly and look pretty good.


11-24-2004, 02:00 PM
The Gil Racing ones look perfect!! I'm based in the uk so shipping is a bit expensive so i am going to try and use my fathers company address in US and get him to bring them back in his suitcase!...unless you know of a company that does a similar product in the uk??
My question is how do i know if my car is type IRS - independent rear suspension or not? i ask because im not sure which package to buy.

11-24-2004, 02:37 PM
shipping stuff from the US is far cheaper then trying to send stuff the other way.

go for it.

if you've got a 940 then there all solid axle (in the uk the US 940SE is a 960 turbo, so no bloody arguments you lot)