View Full Version : Knockoff wheels(not like fake)

12-02-2004, 11:00 PM
has anyone heard of someone putting knockoff, or single lug wheels on their brick i know the group A cars had it but does any body on t-bricks got em :???: if so what kind

12-02-2004, 11:08 PM
tsw had a system like a single lug for a while


not sure if they still use it or not but it was kinda cool

12-02-2004, 11:13 PM
speaking of which i saw a GrpA rear axle with LSD and center locking wheels some time ago on ebay. i think it went for around 1200

12-02-2004, 11:41 PM
I remember a car mag I once had featured a car which had it done, it cost the guy like $1000 per corner to do, and then he failed his road safety tests making his car illegal to drive on the road...

12-03-2004, 04:42 AM
I remember seeing a B5 Passat with the single lug conversion as well as dual Willwood callipers on the front brakes. To say the least it was quite an overkill. I think they were the TSW's.

12-03-2004, 02:30 PM
i remember that one...eurotuner, right? with black exterior and like the custom air jacks and stuff. the coolest part of that car was the lcd screen that fits in his ashtray in the rear....i need one of those.

12-03-2004, 02:51 PM
I saw a cadalac deville at the Damascus U-Pull it with knock offs on it. Made me go WTF?