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07-09-2002, 05:00 PM

Here's another nice touch I did on my Laser Blue 240DL.
I've noticed that the 1992 240's had flat black grills, and no chrome. That wasn't too appealing. Many folks in europe have had this 'eyelid' styling put on to their 1986 and later headlights. I thought that was overdone as well. TOO much panel additive and I do not believe in restricting headlights. They're way too powerful to cover. I like seeing where I'm going at night.

However, what has been missed by many folks is the 1993 240 Classic edition's colouring cues in the front.

I noticed a gorgeous 1993 Classic at the local dealership one day, and noticed the subtle changes done to the front end. Typically, the 'eyelids' that come on the 1986-1991 headlamps are chrome, along with the outer hoop of the radiator grill. Well, on the 1993 Classic, these were painted to the body colour.

It looks very sharp.

I had the painting done professionally, because I knew I wouldn't get a matching colour and finish to the rest of the body. I did, however, sand down the chrome on the grill and eyelids. I had to remove the center section of the grill before sanding, and in the process repainted the actual grill and cleaned up the Volvo badge piece.

The badge piece in the center had been badly damaged by road rash and bugs to the point where you couldn't read the Volvo through all the damage on the clear plastic. I used steel wool to take down the surface and used clear coat paint. Came out almost new in appearance.

The picture is bleached out, but you get the idea...


07-22-2002, 02:55 PM
Here's a better picture from last year's Volvo show in Pickering zone, Ontario, Canada.

Hank Scorpio
07-22-2002, 08:10 PM
Man I love it w/ the wing.

Hey, now I know your posting all these pictures in the 240 picture thread right? ? !