View Full Version : new server, netscape/aol users getting logged out

05-13-2003, 02:45 AM
Its been quite apparent over the last 2 weeks that all the folks using (extremely) old netscape versions and quite possibly AOL users too... have lost the ability to "keep me logged in".

well after downloading nutscrape 4.77 and doing some trial and error, Mike and I figured out that it was because the cookie "domain" was no longer matching the physical URL of the forum. So I changed the domain to "forums.turbobricks.com" and that should be fixed now. I appologize for the hundreds of internet users that now have to relogin because people who ... well nevermind my rant :-P

Anyway, that will put a slight damper on some plans... but oh well. might have to set dual cookies now so the site and board work together :grrr: