View Full Version : The Rules. Just for a refresher

08-30-2003, 04:21 PM
Rules and guidelines:

1. Be courteous to others. We do not tolerate any abusive behavior. We do not tolerate any obscene comments or images. We do not tolerate derogatory remarks directed toward a particular member or group of members. If you are not sure, leave it out.

2. Keep it on topic. Each forum has a specific topic associated with it. Do your best to post your thread in the appropriate forum.

3. Have fun!

Please reread rule #1 as it will be STRONGLY enforced in the performance forum from now on. This includes but not limited to, Flaming, Humorous remarks that are in poor taste, Foul language, or generally sidetracking threads for your own chit-chat purposes.

If you have any questions please feel free the email/pm me.

09-04-2003, 12:13 PM
In addition to the above refresher, lets also review the For Sale rules as well as it will help make some things go a little more smoothly:

ITEMS: Volvo or universal cars and parts only. Anything that is not related in any means, will be removed.

CONTACT: We do NOT recommend you post your phone number or street address for security reasons.

PRICE: Take price negotiation offline via whatever contact means you specify.

EBAY: Unless you're the seller, its usually not good conduct to broadcast great finds on ebay (especially if there are already bids on it, possible from other tbricks members), as it "steps on toes" of those that spend time looking for good prices.

BUSINESSES: If you plan on selling your products online, we expect you to have your own website that you would post a link to regarding particular products. Chances are if you've had your site up for more then a month, we already know about you. However, feel free to post "blahblah.com just got these new _____ in, check them out:". If you intend on making profit by constantly posting ads on message boards, we suggest you do it elsewhere.