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09-21-2006, 06:32 AM
well ive been talking on these forums for awhile and ive finally got around to uploading some pics of my car on the net. check it out:


shes a 1981 244 GLE, 230 000 km on the clock, K-jet, non turbo. comes with all the pleasures or a GLE: leather seats, power steering, vacumm gauge, battery voltage quage, ambient temp gauge... etc

when i brought the car i discovered a few things of note:
*lowered 1 1/4"

*larger than stock anit roll bars - 21 front 23 rear - as fitted to the 1979 242 GT

work done to date:
*modding of air intake-i should take sum pics of it

*removed hot hair intake and the flap in airbox

*replaced leaking power steering rack

*electric pusher fan fitted in front of radiator - from my spares car

*central locking fitted - from my spares car

*power windows in the rear fitted (already in the front) - from my spares car

*power mirrors fitted - from my spares car

*cd player, 4" speakers in the front, 6" in the back, two 10" subs and an amp for them.

*converted it from an auto to a manual. it now has a M45 - couldnt find a cheap M46,
opened her up but in such great condition that i didnt rebuild it, just replaced the front and rear seals.

Still to do:
*fix air con - makes one hell of a bad noise when turned on

*replace front shocks - they r completely rooted

*make/get a better wiring harness for the engine.

*wheel alignment and see how much negative camber i can get out of the stock arrangment

*replace front seats with sumin that is abit more grippy when ur hammering around corners

*bigger anti roll bars... probably wont happen unless i can find them cheaply at a wreckers

*fit oil temp guage

*fit turbo in a few years when its legal for me to drive one, i dont plan on getting rid of my volvo anytime soon

*get a sports wheel, i have one that fits but its abit small (i cant c the top of the speedo, tach, etc) so i havent fitted it

*stop the dam rear breaks from squealing!

*have more fun racing along dirt roads and get her out for a play on a good road for racing!

*when i have the money spend it on the engine, i beat alot of cars off the mark but not nearly enough.

well i think thats about it...

09-21-2006, 07:40 AM
Nice colour man, didn't know they did the two tone combo on the pre 85 model 200's, even with GLE's, odd coloured carpet and seats that don't match but looks good anyway.

It definetly looks like a GLT spec GLE as sold here, but not having rear electrics is odd. I like the outside of the car very much, the inside is odd, compared to my 264 GLE's interior too.

09-21-2006, 08:00 AM
thanxs, yeah the interior looks better in the flesh. the dashboard was originaly matched the rest of the interior but because of it horrible condition i replaced it. black was what i had and i havent seen any of the original colour in the wreckers or anything.

the door handles also originaly were the same colour as the rest of the car but when i fitted the power windows in the rear the armrests i had were gray, so i sprayed them black and did the same to the front ones.

the carpet? well its just plain faded, it should be a much more creamy colour.

ill post more pics of the interior in the nest couple days.

09-21-2006, 08:24 AM
Looks like a nice car. My girlfriend recently sold her '85 GLE.
Anyway, if you need anything theres lots of people who can help you.

If you have any specific questions, you're welcome to email us. Contact details on our website.


09-21-2006, 02:56 PM
i like it!

but remove to speaker grills. You got JLs! Show em off!

09-21-2006, 03:09 PM
woahhhhh RHD

nice work.

09-21-2006, 03:15 PM
i wish mine was right hand drive,damn US and our stupid roads

09-21-2006, 05:25 PM
nice man... did you put the subs and amp in the boot yourself?

and ash... i'll be in contact for sure... i been looking for an oz volvo performance site

09-21-2006, 08:07 PM
Well to out him to the world the OP is one of my younger brothers.

To answer some of the questions:

-The sound system is all a DIY install. The sub-box is my design, and the JLs my old subs. He fabbed and installed it all.
-The grills serve a good purpose eg without them the boot is unusable afterall you don't want to round a corner and find something just went through a sub. I would have preferred he used a lighter mesh so it didn't distort sound as much.

Stuff for my brother (I don't live with my family and this is easier than calling/emailing):
-You're right about sways, postage on big IPD ones is killer (just ask dauntless), angus164242 thinks falcon ones might be able to be mounted up with some effort.
-I say ditch the pusher fan, get a puller and ditch the mechanical fan.
-Drop an alt. from a mitsu in when you get a chance because you will be at the ragged edge of the stockie (and you don't want to cook a battery like me).
-Because you can't go turbo I suggest megasquirt, coils, a better cam, gasket match the head and manifolds.