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How can I donate and become a Contributor?

A: Save up a few bucks and go here: http://www.turbobricks.com/donate.php

Since our beginnings back in '96 we have relied solely on the generosity of our members. Whether its through working on articles or donating money out of their own pockets. What's the money used for you ask? Simple, all of our donations are spent just on the hosting and fees involved with keeping a large member based site online. We greatly appreciate any and all charity we have received, its helped out immensely. Thank you.


  1. Click the "Make a donation" button
  2. Verify that the "to:" information is correct: "donate@saliv8.com"
  3. Either login with your email address to PayPal, or click the button for "...never paid through PayPal"
  4. Fill out the form with your information and hit submit
  5. PayPal will send you a confirmation receipt after you complete the transfer

What do I get for donating?

Well, aside from the obvious good feeling of helping to keep the community running, we've created an account status called "contributors" to give back to the members who have donated their hard earned money. This upgraded account status currently gives users the following bonuses:

  • Upgraded Private Message inbox to 2000 messages
  • Carbon copy send private messages up to 10 people at a time
  • Upload images directly to turbobricks messageboard for posting
  • Your own Photo Album to upload and store images on turbobricks
  • Double your Avatar file size limit
  • Customize the user title text displayed under their name (*scroll down to read how to do this)

What is the normal amount of money to send?
Honestly, every bit helps. The general consensus is a $10 donation gets you "contributor" status. People have donated everything from their lunch money to a whole weeks paycheck. Many of our members feel obligated to give back a portion of what they've made selling spare parts, cars, or even the money they saved from the help of our community. We cherish every penny we receive regardless of its total amount.

Why does it say Payment For: Saliv8 Networks?
Saliv8 Networks is the master domain the webhosting account is setup under. The bill gets paid under that name.

What other forms of payment are accepted?
Through PayPal, we can accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express and for PayPal registered users, you can also use an e-check direct from a bank account number (can take up to 7 days to process) as well as a form of money order payment. If you want to send a personal check or money order, please contact us for an address.

How do I change my user title under my user name?
In the top left of the board go to "userCP" and click on "profile" You should have at the top of that page a section titled: Custom User Title Fill it in and save it. If you do not have that option and you have donated more than 48 hours ago, please send me an email through the contact us form.

What are the limits of the attachments?

Currently the attachments totals are set at 10mb per user. Contributors can moderate their own attachments in the UserCP under misc | attachments. It would be respectful to remove images you dont think will be used later by someone else.

The max file size in Bytes per file format is as follows:
doc 204800
gif 204800
jpe 204800
jpeg 204800
jpg 204800
pdf 204800
png 204800
txt 20000
zip 512000

How long does it take to update my status once money is sent?
Currently Dana processes the paypal receipts as they come in. Normally this will happen within 24 hours during the week. Delays can occur if information such as your board username are missing from the order. Additionally if you opt to pay by eCheck through your bank account, paypal will take up to 5 days to clear (normally).

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