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Thor 09-16-2013 11:16 PM

project 91 240 (AKA: Spycar)
Current mode List:
-B Cam
-Stage 0 with KingsBorne Wires
-Complete AC Delete
-Modified Intake - ram air
-Poly Accessory Bushings
-100 amp alternator
-Complete Brake system rebuilt
-IPD SS Brake lines
-IPD 25mm F/R Sway Bars
-IPD Torque Rods
-Replaced Clock with Tachometer
-Swapped Blue Interior for Gray/Black - Need door cards and rear shelf
-New Fuel pumps and Filter
-New/use Head lights
-New URO Tail light
-ZF rack & Pinion
-Home brew Paint job

To do:
(on standby) 94 B230FT - to do - Rehone, Reseal, Rebuild head (8V)
90+ manifold
Turbo - T25
Convert to LH2.4 & chips
Cam - ????? (Turbo performance)
Goal - 250 Chp
Wheels - Deseones??

As purchased:
91 240 M47, LH3.1

Photo from previous owner owner.

It was definitely not perfect but for 201K miles with a stack of records an 1" thick I decided to take it off his hands.

On the trailer.

Got it home and washed it all off and started taking notes on issues and repairs needed.




"Looks" pretty clean but at some point the passenger rear door and fender where hit or something and repainted (terribly). Only a little rust is starting in front of the rear wheels. I'm going to find a new rear door as this one is too far gone from a combination of bad prep, paint and neglect.

The good
M47 - seems ok
Solid body
Motor is OK - Edit - Motor is no good. rebuilding a 94 B230FT
Good wheels and tires -
Windows all work
clean interior

The bad
Headlights - broke and yellowed
drivers seat - busted and broke - FIXED/Replaced
Suspension - All original . . . . . . . including shocks and struts
Tune up neglect - runs like doo doo. - tuned up but still starts rough- Edit bad head and I think LH 3.1 no good
Passenger rear panel and door (paint and rust)

First Mod - Added Tach from my old cluster

First Fix
Had a wheel wobble at speed, kinda like an unbalanced tire. Turned out to be a loose front wheel bearing. Pulled, inspected, repacked and torqued to spec (while turning wheel) no more wobble.

Oh and the nickname (Spy car) Co-worker said it reminded her of the Car from Spy vs Spy. And it stuck. now I'm contemplating a Black & White paint scheme.

1991 Volvo 240
Blue on Blue
201K miles (Documented and a working Odometer)

Andrewhans 09-17-2013 12:35 AM

Like the car. Also hello from a far away Husker.

Thor 09-23-2013 10:14 PM

Just bought a bunch of tune up stuff as well as Adj Torque rods from IPD thanks to their end of summer sale. Although wishing I had more money now. More pictures will follow of the stage 0 tune up and torque rod install.

Thor 09-29-2013 10:57 PM

Update: Got some parts in . . . . .

Did the following over the last 2 days to try and get rid of a cold start miss and rough idle and to stage 0 the motor.
-Took everything out down to the head on the intake side
-Cleaned the Throttle body, IAC, & Power washed the intake manifold inside and out to get rid of 200K miles of crud.
-Replaced the old warn out rubber accessory bushings with new polyurethane bits
-Modified the air box - removed the hot air flapper and cut the font open to get as much fresh air as possible.
-Cleaned the injectors as best I could and installed new o-rings and pintle caps
-Replaced the spark plugs, cap, and rotor (Bosch Cap and Rotor, NGK BP6ES plugs gaped to .030).
-New air filter
-Changed the oil and filter as well

I know every one likes pictures because reading is too hard. Here you go.
Engine all torn down

Original Accessory bushings

Polyurethane bushings from IPD

Air Box


Cleaned throttle body

All back together again.

I still need to replace the spark plug wires and install the IPD torque rods buts that's for another day.

Car starts and runs much better now. We'll see how it does in the morning when it's cold to see if I cured the cold start problems I was having

Thor 11-11-2013 05:16 PM

Update: Installed the IPD Torque rods a few weeks ago. Seem to work better than the stock torque rods with destroyed bushings. However does anyone know how to get rid of the resulting creaking bed spring noise these Polly bushing make?

This last weekend I replaced the thermostat and water pump with a remaned Volvo unit and replaced all the belts as well. (Car started over heating on the way home and coolant was coming out the weep hole on the pump)

Also the cold start issue turned out to be sticking fuel injectors. 2 of the four have terrible cold start spray patterns. However I've been running a bottle of techron with each premium fuel (No E10) refill. Problem seems to be improving slowly. If these injectors can get me through the winter I'll probably be +t buy mid summer.

Thor 12-01-2013 11:30 PM

Torque rods side by side. Those stock units weren't shot at all.

Dash with radio in lower position and new volt guage. Also found a Denso 100A Alternator and installed that.

Also Greased those IPD Torque Rods with marine grease - no more creaky bushings, woot!:-P

dbradford32 12-02-2013 02:18 AM

Looks fun! I want poly bushings now! Keep it up!

Thor 12-30-2013 11:20 PM

Just showing off my latest update. I refinished an old set of Coronas for my winter tires.
The base coat is graphite and the top edges are standard silver wheel paint with 3 coats of clear.

to start

I then had them media blasted and I repainted them with Rustoleum wheel paint.

With Snow mounted and on the car

Next project is Maintenance Items:
Fuel Pump & Filter
Engine coolant temp sensor
head gasket - For preparation of upcoming +T
Replace Radiator - The one that the PO had replaced a year ago is leaking.


Thor 01-11-2014 11:56 PM

Scored a nice black/gray interior (front & rear seats carpet and center console) from a 92 240 at the U pull it today. The driver seat is in great condition overall. way better than the broke down POS in my car now. Also picked the fuel rail as it has the schrader valve on it. and a new grill. I tried to get the head lights as they were nice clear but unfortunately the bolts had something else to say and they stripped out in the housing keeping me from removing the headlight . . . .bugger.

Thor 04-05-2014 11:57 PM

Update: Head gasket let go a few weeks ago so that needed taking care of.
I found that Cylinder #2 is either knocking real bad or something got in there at some point. I love surprises. I left the #2 piston as is and cleaned up all the carbon deposits on the head and pistons

The head had to be decked 0.008" to be flat
New head gasket and kit from Victor Reinz, Contitech timing belt and tensioner, New NGK BPR6ES plugs, and new KinsBorne Wires

mostly all back together as of 3/23/14

Car now starts way easier. Apparently coolant seeping into the cylinders when the system is under pressure was causing my hard start.

Still can't figure out the rough idle though. <-- might be something to do with #2 dunno though. An new(er) motor is going to be sourced as well as LH2.4/ezk harness & Turbo computers. For and +T/ motor swap.

Thor 04-06-2014 12:09 AM

Second update: Got that Black/grey interior put in

The old with busted and broke drivers seat & missing center console.

I stripped everything out and cleaned anything i could get my hands on. The previous owner had lots of spare change on the dash and lots of it ended up in the passender side floor vent somehow. I found it by accident. I bumped the vent and it rattled. I also found about 5 bucks of change under the rear seat. PAY DAY!

I've never had a car pay me this much while cleaning it.

All clean

I rented a rug doctor and thoroughly cleaned the black seats and carpets. They were nasty. They came out really well though. I also installed the arm rest that I had laying around from my the previous 240.


Now I just need to find another 240 at the yard with a good rear deck and head rests as well as nice and clean door cards.

Interior is 100% more comfortable now. cant believe i put up with that broke drivers seat as long as I did.


theknave 06-18-2014 07:04 PM

Nice. I don't assume you drive this regularly, yet, do you?

Thor 06-18-2014 10:31 PM


Originally Posted by theknave (Post 4932483)
Nice. I don't assume you drive this regularly, yet, do you?

yes I do. Everyday that i can't ride my VFR that is. SO everything I do is usually a weekend install/fix if possible

Thor 06-18-2014 10:43 PM

Found me a roof rack, OEM Volvo I think. I need to find a air spoiler for it cause it howls like a mofo at any speed above 65mph.


Motor update as well . . . . .um it runs but I should have had the head pressure tested cause I think it has a crack in it. I'm still loosing coolant if I let the system build pressure. On the hunt for a new motor. Bah!

Thor 08-29-2014 11:50 PM

Small update. Parked it but still drive-able.

I found a 940 turbo to donate a motor

Plans is as follows, But may change as time and money allows

94 B230FT - to do - Rehone, Reseal, Rebuild head (8V)
90+ manifold
Turbo - ????
LH2.4 & chips
Cam - ????? (Turbo performance)
AC Delete - Who needs ac when you have windows
Goal - 250hp


Remove belt line trim & weld up holes
remove chrome bits and body tape and moldings
fill, smooth, sand, sand some more, Prime, Paint
New tail lights
E-codes (FCP or originals)
No Chrome

Complete rebuild
All new bushings
Springs, Aftermarket, Cut, other
Billy HD shocks & struts
Beefy sways
rolling IPD billboard

Brakes: Nothing fancy (yet)
Needs to be rebuilt
SS lines
Performance pads
New rotors


Old Iron 08-30-2014 02:50 PM

Nice car, another 940 will bite the dust, huh. That roof rack is pretty cool. I have two of those earlier style towers without the key, I need two more to complete the set. I like the color swapped interior!

Thor 08-30-2014 11:36 PM

Thanks Old Iron. The 940 was trashed. It had a blown turbo and the interior was heavily smoked in (rolling ash tray). I nabbed about everything I could think of to sell off of it before I sent it to the parts yard. There will be a For sale thread for those parts and others here soon.

Thor 12-11-2015 03:30 PM

Wow! over a year since my last update. Things have been busy with work, kids, and a complete kitchen gut and remodel. But some things did happen.
1. found some newer IPD 25/25 sway bars for small change
2. Bought a AC delete kit from 77Volvo245. Completely removed all AC stuff from under the hood. Will work on under dash stuff when I replace the blower motor. The kit works pretty well although it is about 1 degree out of alignment with the crank pulley. I will need to mess with it a little more but it's close enough for now.

I haven't installed the rear one yet. As the front is still up in the air getting brakes done

AC delete Bracket:

And my current project. Rehabilitating the brakes. The front left was sticking real bad and the parking brake shoes de-laminated causing the rear wheels to lock up.

And now for these Rusty and crusty SOBs

The flex lines would not come off the hard lines on the passenger side and I mangled the hard lines getting them off with vise grips. So Im rebuilding the front system almost completely.

Replacement bits:
IPD braided SS lines
New re manufactured calipers with Bosch BP31 Quiet Cast brake pads and new hardware
New hard lines.


jbab 12-20-2015 03:49 PM

Good going on the hard lines. I had to do the same thing...

Thor 12-22-2015 12:22 AM

Yeah, I think I need to invest in a quality set of flare wrenches. The Craftsman set I have now hasn't done so well.

I will add that putting the flares on the existing lines while under the car is not fun.

amerbritcan 12-22-2015 03:30 PM

Anything involving working with hardlines is annoying A.F.

brendon_ak 12-24-2015 12:09 AM

Looks good man! You're getting the boxes checked off for sure!

red calipers, because racevolvo

If you paint it, mimic a cop car, black hood and fenders, white doors and roof.

Thor 12-28-2015 05:50 PM


Originally Posted by brendon_ak (Post 5304249)
Looks good man! You're getting the boxes checked off for sure!

red calipers, because racevolvo

If you paint it, mimic a cop car, black hood and fenders, white doors and roof.

Red because black was out of stock and the re-man calipers were not rust protected.

. . . . . and because racevolvo :)

Thor 07-02-2016 10:18 PM

Starting on the body work/ rust mitigation. Although Im sure to recieve some hate for what I have planned for it


Haven't sanded the rear quarter yet but there was an astonishing amount of filler in the passenger door for some reason. Lats of sanding and smoothing will be required here.

Bitterbuffaloh 10-16-2016 04:39 AM

More info on what you did to the rims + lugnuts + boot covers

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