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Hank Scorpio 09-08-2015 08:20 PM

Robert Jackson - / "Iamtheonlyreal1" / Mad Volvo Performance
Turbobricks as a website and it's moderators rarely take a hardline position on vendors but to save time and hassle:


We absolutely 100% do not recommend doing any business with Robert Jackson aka "Iamtheonlyreal1" of "Swedish Ops" (and many other company names).

Supposedly production of said items has moved to a company entitled "Mad Volvo Performance" though it's posters claiming to be from MVP (ugh) also started posts as customers. We will simply label this buyer beware (our insistence is make SURE your items are available in hand and ready to ship).

Turbobricks is not responsible for deals gone bad. We will NOT allow any Swedish Ops related posts by "Iamtheonlyreal1" even if they are disguised as "helpful information".

edit: amended for clarity

1. IP Addresses by both Bigbird2461 and VolvoAmazon33 are overlapping. This does NOT necessarily mean they are they are the same person as many people have over lapping IP addresses but BB only has 1 and it overlaps with VA.

2. We (tubrobricks) have no conclusive evidence if MVP is a legit company and will only state buyer beware at this point. If they start to ship product and we get a stream of happy customers on here (who don't have the same ip address!) then we will remove this statement.

And since I was PM and called a liar here is a screenshot of the moderator back end showing the IP overlap
None of VA or BB's IP's overlap with Iamtheonlyreal1 however so that's a positive sign.

3. This thread is closed and locked simply because we the moderators do not have the time to wade thru pages of poop flinging. This is our official disclaimer.

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