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AdmiralSenn 09-28-2013 07:47 AM

(fixed) Wastegate actuator rod too long?
Okay, I ordered an ipd wastegate actuator since my old one was leaky and it's here and I'm trying to install it. The rod is a lot longer than the one that was on the car. Like, 1.5 - 2 inches longer.

Barring the rod difference, they look exactly the same. I believe the old one is the original T3 actuator (this is on a water cooled T3). The old rod was not cut, it still has the original machined end.

Am I going to run into trouble here? It looks like it's enough of a difference that the wastegate will be stuck fully open at all times. But I don't want to be stupid and trim down the rod and end up in a runaway boost situation either.

Anyone run into anything like this before?

Thanks in advance. And apologies for posting this twice, my other thread seems to have died out and I haven't gotten any replies to it in a while. I'm on a bit of a time crunch here.

AdmiralSenn 09-28-2013 08:25 AM

Just double checked - with the rod shortened all the way it is still so long that if I tried to install it, the actuator would be sort of hanging in space, barely attached to the bracket.

Wastegate moves freely about an inch back and forth, and no farther - definitely going to be jammed open. I am going to have to attempt to shorten the female threaded portion of the rod unless someone has a better idea.

thelostartof 09-28-2013 08:54 AM

Get a hold of IPD and ask them, if the part doesn't fit maybe they can send you a correct one.

AdmiralSenn 09-28-2013 10:26 AM

I already talked to them yesterday and they assured me that it is the correct one.

I tried cutting the end that connects to the wastegate and it seems to be fine now. I still have to dial it in - it's definitely a turn or three longer than the old one at the moment, so I now have noticeable lag where before I had almost zero. But the car is driveable for today's errands, and it has boost, even.

If I had to guess I would say that it's possible I have the wrong bracket or my turbo was some kind of unholy hybrid that has the wastegate arm a lot closer to the actuator than a regular T3. Luckily even with the attachment cut, I have a TON of adjustment range with everything nice and securely threaded.

(As an aside, good sir, did you ever find that 937 ECU we were talking about way back when? Now that I have boost again I'm ready to start tweaking.)

badvlvo 09-28-2013 10:46 AM

Sit them side by side, take a picture, send the picture to Cameron at ipd.

AdmiralSenn 09-28-2013 11:27 AM

Well, I had to install it so I had a car for a meeting that I couldn't skip, but I do have the old one. From my googling around it looks like the one I had was the odd one, and the one they sent me was correct. I just didn't know that you could have multiple sizes, and nothing I read says otherwise.

Since it's working this isn't as big of a deal for the moment, but I'll see if I can remember to snag a picture of the old one and send it his way.

I'm just glad I have a full tap and die set and the tools to make it work, or I'd have been in trouble.

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