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Ozzyd2 08-07-2020 05:57 AM

91í 940se (*wont start*)
Howdy fellow Volvo nuts
Greetings from sunny California, Los Angeles
Got a 91í 940se wagon
Did a few mods to my wagon and havenít been able to start it up successfully, gonna explain my dilemma and see if any of you guys can share some advice cause Iím at a standstill at the moment...

Mods done:
Machined head (530)
Ipd turbo cam
Ipd adjustable cam gear
Green injectors (relay mod)
15g turbo (19t internals)
3Ē downpipe/full exhaust
Blaster coil
eBayChip (stage4)on both ecu and ezk (gold box)
Welded diff
Full ipd suspension
A/C delete
Oil catch can
Dual stage boost controller

Engine cranks over and starts up after a few times but needs throttle to be applied and moment throttle is released the engine cuts off, no real idle. Wondering if maybe someone here can help and shed some light cause Iím head scratching at the moment.
Much appreciated.

Iíll include some photos



Fa182 08-07-2020 06:47 AM

Did you have those issues before you did any of the mods?
What's that yellow thing at the distributor?
Is that the catch can above the turbo?

Start with the easy stuff first.
TPS and linkage is correctly adjusted? Throttle body is clean?
Idle valve is clean and functional?

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