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RichGT 01-07-2016 11:41 PM

242 GT register

Out of approx 22,000 242s, how many were GTs?

Numbers by country would be cool...

US: TB count - 24
Canada: TB count - 6 (estimated 200 in black)
Switzerland: 3
Australia: TB count - 6 (338 registered in Aus - according to Volvo club of Victoria)
NZ: TB count - 8 (8 in total)

Who cares? Well they are climbing in value over here, especially coz we got B23 with H cam and there are'nt many left. No other 242s ever made it down here is NZ!

Anyway, thought this may be of interest to others with a GT. Post your chassis number, country and pics here and I will update the list.


1. RichGT: 1980 Chassis# 2428A1185739 - New Zealand
2. Two245Turbos: 1978 Chassis# - Puyallup ,WA USA
3. (non member): 1980 Chassis# 2428A1178784 - NZ
4. (non member): 1980 Chassis# 2428A1185793 - NZ
5. (non member): 1980 Chassis# 2428A1184120 - NZ
6. Somerfield: 1980 Chassis# 2428a1183860 - Perth, Western Australia
7. Matthew P Dionne: 1978 - USA
8. GT Jordan: 1979 Chassis#? - Edmonton, Ab, Canada
9. GT Jordan: 1980 Chassis#? - Edmonton, Ab, Canada
10. Tuff240: Chassis# VC24245M1143229 - Central California USA
11. BRAD_242GT: 1979 Chassis#? : 2428m1152066(?) - Adelaide, South Australia
12. goldbrixx: 1980 Chassis# VC24245A1178516 - East Coast, USA
13. 77volvo245: 1979 Chassis#? - Oregon, USA
14. RP80242GT+T: 1980 Chassis#? - Cape Coral, Florida, USA
15. alreadyupsidedown: 1980 Chassis#? - Oakville, Ont, Canada
16. (non member, sold by serk): Chassis/VIN - 2428A1184941 - Brisbane, Australia
17. cris: 1978 Chassis/VIN - VC242245L1126125 - Colorado, USA
18. Joeaksa: 1978 Chassis/VIN# VC 242 45L 112 9201 - Phoeniz, Az, USA
19. gcrv: 1980 Chassis/VIN# VC24245A1181333 - Maidens, VA, USA
20. gcrv: 1978 Chassis/VIN# VC24245L1137648 - Maidens, VA, USA
21. Bready: 1980: Chassis/VIN# VC24245A1169281 - USA
22. Sea_bass: 1980: Chassis/VIN#? - Virginia Beach, USA
23. justlie: 1980: Chassis/VIN# VC24245A1178573 - Chicago, IL, USA
24. smashed 54: (year?): VC24245A3182471 - Port Royal, NS, Canada
25. Jack/Darksider415: 1980: Chassis/VIN# VC24245a1168028 - Oroville, Ca, USA
26: Prime 240: 1980: Chassis: VC24245A3184640 - Canada
27: Miah: 1979: Chassis: ? - Washington State, USA
28: Tex: 1980: Chassis: VC24245A1186875, Humboldt, Norcal, USA
29: Runt262: 1980; Chassis: VIN: 24241A3186360 - Canada
30: bgpzfm142: 1979; Chassis: VIN: 2428M1161223 - Australia
31: tbro: VIN: 2428A1185126 - Australia
32: Peterwgpa: VIN: 2428M1159483 - Australia (the original Bathurst 242GT)
33: BigBossMan813: 1980: Chassis: VIN# VC24245A3168386 - Tampa Fla., USA
34: (non-member): 1980: VIN: 2428A1186120 - ChCh, NZ (Grp A front end conversion)
35: 242GT4me: 1978: Chassis: 133728 - MN, USA
36: benson0021: 1978: Chassis: VC24245M1155429 - Cal, USA
37: volvo GT: 1979: Chassis: VC 24245 M 1 157857 - Cali
38: Phoenixxx: 1978: 24245 L 1 136568, Cali
39: Volvo0815: 1979: VIN: 2428M1153309 - Switzerland
40: (non-member): 1979: VIN:2428M1159525 - Switzerland
41: (non-member): 1978:VIN: 2424L1138026 - Switzerland
42: teejsauce: 1980: VIN: (TBC) - MN, USA
43: acker: 1978: VIN: 24245L1128568 - Cin, Ohio, USA
44: rallydallas: 1980: VC24245A1182248 - Dallas, Tx, USA
45: (non member): 1980: 2428A1183702 - ChCh, NZ
46: (non member): 1979: VIN no: 242844518246 - Wanganui, NZ
47: (non member): 1980:VIN no: 2428A1185091 - Chch, NZ

VB242: ?
Billy780: 1978: VC24245L1137675

Two245Turbos 01-07-2016 11:55 PM

Two245Turbos: Puyallup ,WA USA. Pics in sig. Chassis #: too lazy to go check!
1978 GT

RichGT 01-08-2016 12:15 AM


RichGT 01-08-2016 02:08 AM

added 3 more from owners who are not members here:


more on last one:

VB242 01-08-2016 10:04 AM

I scrapped one
https://farm6.staticflickr.com/5566/...1cbed0b4_k.jpgAu revoir baby

You're welcome, I do have a 242 DL

RichGT 01-08-2016 04:44 PM

-1. My condolences, at least you got some rust free panels right?

VB242 01-08-2016 05:22 PM


Originally Posted by pimmboy (Post 5314480)
-1. My condolences, at least you got some rust free panels right?

I got as much off of it as possible, wiring harness,heater box, steering gear, etc. etc., I was gonna V8 swap it, but the landlord for our business insisted on "No Junk Cars on my propity"

Somerfield 01-09-2016 01:31 AM

Perth, WA
Chassis: 2428a1183860

Will put a photo up when I get home.

GTJordan 01-09-2016 01:50 AM

I don't have vins but I have

1979 242GT
1980 242GT

I also had a black 1980 242GT that rusted away

I've also found a prestine black 242 at a JY 15 years ago that they wouldn't sell. I stripped it.


Tuff240 01-09-2016 02:39 AM

I've scrapped 3 personally and seen probably close to 50 in the junk yards over the last 20 years.

My son currently has a 79 non sunroof GT. I'll get the VIN off it later.

RichGT 01-09-2016 05:47 AM


Originally Posted by Somerfield (Post 5314907)
Perth, WA
Chassis: 2428a1183860

Will put a photo up when I get home.

No rust where you are

RichGT 01-09-2016 05:49 AM


Originally Posted by GTJordan (Post 5314916)
I don't have vins but I have

1979 242GT
1980 242GT

I also had a black 1980 242GT that rusted away

I've also found a prestine black 242 at a JY 15 years ago that they wouldn't sell. I stripped it.


Cool, I was about to PM you with this thread before you posted.

RichGT 01-09-2016 05:50 AM

@Patrick, ok will update the list

BRAD_242GT 01-09-2016 09:17 AM

Adelaide, S.A
Chassis : 2428m1152066


GTJordan 01-09-2016 12:00 PM


Originally Posted by pimmboy (Post 5314979)
Cool, I was about to PM you with this thread before you posted.

For your numbers sold. I've heard a rumor that 200 black 1980GTs were sold in Canada that year. I work for Volvo, but I don't think there is any way for me to find out if that's accurate or not. But there certainly aren't many.


GTJordan 01-09-2016 12:09 PM



Tragic loss of a friend and GT lover.


Old Iron 01-10-2016 10:06 AM

I just scrapped my rusty 242 GT, oh well, I'll find a nice rust free example one day!

It will live on though as wall art next to the Amazon Coupe! This thing literally had nothing on it, not even a single bolt! Susepsion = cores for coil overs, sterring rack = cores, calipers = cores, etc. etc. etc.



RichGT 01-10-2016 04:17 PM

What d'you mean, thats only surface rust, lol

Old Iron 01-10-2016 06:02 PM

No these thing was rotted everywhere! Previous owner hid patch panels very well too! It was rotted in both rocker panels, the passengers side wheel well was ten times worse and the truck was rusted the seams met behind the bumper! But I'm at peace with it, I saved far more off the car then most would have! Kept this side for the wall art bc it was the better side! Still has a 2' rust hole on the drivers side, but I'll make it work!

Nick Oc 01-10-2016 11:47 PM

I want to hang that on the wall.

goldbrixx 01-12-2016 01:18 AM

I have an '80 GT. I'll have to get the VIN later..
Located: East Coast, USA

RichGT 01-13-2016 05:53 PM

list updated, pendings VINs. who else has one?

77volvo245 01-13-2016 06:56 PM

I own a 79 GT. Looks like Most GTs now these days. Its my first car, very solid car no major rust at all, but needs a full restoration.

Oregon USA

Build thread.

RP80242GT+T 01-13-2016 08:25 PM

I have one. Keep forgetting to post on here. Im sure you've seen it

alreadyupsidedown 01-13-2016 10:52 PM

Here's our 1980.

Looks good from a distance, but has the usual minor rust spots. Needs some detail work on the grill and trim.

Paint isn't original, hence the plain silver body.


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