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Mr.Borrie 05-18-2019 01:25 PM

4K , not even close of all i have invested goodies wise, basically free car if you sell the parts off. (it comes with a ton of goodies)
Actually debating to do just that, sell off the goodies and just get it to run on LPG, and well up some stuff. Posted in a separate topic


Originally Posted by Mr.Borrie (Post 5952908)
Here”s the deal, got a long running project 242 (see signature) and i want to abandon the (inital) project. Lost intrest so im looking into getting it on the road quick and dirty, selling off all the goodies i bought for it to get Some cash and space. Nobody gives me cash for it a whole.

What i have to work with

B230FK and Aw71 in there. No wiring and no blockdistrunitor (was going to do wasted sprak)
Not yet connected petrol tank (misging the filler hose)
Broken steering rack
Rebuild of calipers
Some welding but most is optical.

My idea. Put a old style lpg on a carb manifold. Let the car be LPG only. Its quick and required to run on LPG with it being registers as such.

Fix the brakes and get a used rack, patch up the bad spots and trow it through inspection.
This wont break the bank and i might be able to sell it running to Some cheapskate

However Some issues i dont know how to fix.

Ignition: no clue how to do this, i guess find a block mounted distribitor? Any other less time consuming options , using the flywheel and Some electronics?

Turbo: old fasion lpg systems that i have on the selfs wont like boost, not do the carbs.. how to go about this? I saw once a turbo with the inners removed making it N/A, dirty but Will work and leaves the option to +T it at a later point.

Any other stuff i am overlooking?

Mr.Borrie 05-20-2019 01:00 PM

Its going to be a partout

Mr.Borrie 07-24-2019 04:50 AM

Sold the IPD bars and exhaust, selling the car as a whole (see for sale)

Mr.Borrie 09-17-2019 12:41 PM

Got my investment in the car back by selling the parts that became more valuable over time.
Still got a complete car minus goodies (or any swaybars )since its a free car at this point i will pull the B230FK (that requires allot of work still and money) and trow in a B21 that i have traded for some struds.

The money i got will be spends on wrapping up the 760 project, so it all evens out in the end :lol:

Mr.Borrie 10-11-2019 08:00 AM

Engine is out, i found a replacement B21 for easy swap, so i though as it was seized up.
I will remove all the parts needed to convert a B230F engine i still have around. saves some space too.
Also bought a replacement steering rack and put that in there.


Mr.Borrie 12-22-2019 06:46 PM

TB medal achieved, ditched a 242

milanoliver 12-23-2019 04:38 PM

I was excited about this project when I started reading it, only to be disappointed at the end:-(

Mr.Borrie 12-23-2019 07:50 PM


Originally Posted by milanoliver (Post 6026671)
I was excited about this project when I started reading it, only to be disappointed at the end:-(

Can I make it up with this one?

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