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BeaverMeat 09-19-2020 01:29 AM

Custom 240 Gauge cluster
I'm the type of guy that likes to keep my interiors clean and stock looking. Right now my Volstang has the basic '81 clock cluster and an aftermarket Sunpro tach bolted on the dash... I'm not a big fan of "drag car" tachs. It has to disappear.

Recently purchased a tach cluster with a 220km speedo from a '84 Turbo. Yes, I have the smaller clock and wiring to go with it. The plan is to swap over the tach and the speedo mechanism to my '81 Diesel cluster. I'm looking to install 240turbo.com R-Sport Rallye overlays too. This may get tricky as I'm wanting to retain my current milage as my car only has 130,000km. The '84 Turbo cluster has 250,000 km. I'll also have to see what was done to the cluster because its been 5.0L swapped. Currently the clock doesn't work. Fun, fun!

With that all aside... I have and interesting idea. The cluster has three sets of "idiot lights" under the tack that are not used in my car. The "Lambda" light, glow plug, and choke/turbo. I'm wanting to convert them to shift lights. Orange, red, blue.

I do have a question... I have basic electric circuity knowledge to understand that the removal of an unused circuit may still cause problems with the function of the whole device. has anyone tried anything likes the before?


James M 09-19-2020 01:37 AM

Try the performance and modification section.

BeaverMeat 09-19-2020 01:49 AM


Originally Posted by James M (Post 6114660)
Try the performance and modification section.

Thought about it... wasn’t too sure were to place the thread. It is a “project” by definition. Mods can move where they see fit :)

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