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soundboard 09-09-2020 02:15 PM

82' 245 Speedo off after fixing odometer gears
Hi, as the title says I am having some issues with my speedo after swapping out an odometer gear. I haven't actually tested to see how off it is, but I would say it is over about 15% when driving.

When I was troubleshooting the odometer I spun the small brass part on the back where the actual speedometer cable attaches to, thinking that it would move the odometer. What I am thinking is that doing so somehow stretched or altered the wound metal wire spring that the needle attaches to.

I am thinking of just trying to spin it the other direction, see if that would fix it.

Anyone have any an issue like this? I've searched around a bunch and haven't really found much about this specifically.

bobxyz 09-09-2020 08:18 PM

I forget the exact details, but the old cable driven speedo's spin a magnet near a metal cup (or vice-versa?) to deflect the needle. Going backwards won't hurt anything (same as backing up the car). Over time, the magnet loses some magnetic force and the speedo reads low. You could try to find a vintage speedo shop to re-magnitize the speedo, or you might be able to find a different transmission speedo gear that spins a bit faster.

If you spin the speedo by hand, in the right direction, you can eventually get the odometer to move a bit. Or use a drill with a piece of plastic coated house electrical wire to spin it faster.

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