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MSGGrunt 07-14-2018 07:30 AM

940 Turbo Donor Car Parts Grab

EivlEvo 07-14-2018 12:28 PM

IF it has an AW71 trans then grab it... otherwise it's the same as your 240. The driveshafts are different in 940 iirc so forget that. If it has a locking diff then you can yank the diff, but the axles are different I think. Grab both ECUs. Grab the injector resistor packs. Coolant bottle is a nice to have yes. IC/Rad brackets. Pumps... who cares. Coil doesn't really matter. You should grab all of the AC stuff as well though... that system is an R134a system and yours is R12.

mocambique-amazone 07-15-2018 06:44 AM

The torque converter has different stall speed between a NA and a T
Grab the gearbox
You have to use the intermediate shaft and the dizzy from the 240
A G80 is a pile of s h i t, forget this one. Sell it and be happy.
full exhaust, easy to modify
and everything else EvilEvo wrote....
Good luck, Kay

MSGGrunt 07-15-2018 07:03 AM

Thanks for the input. Makes sense on the torque converter.

Sounds like if I want an auto then using the one out of the 940 is the better way to go. I read a bit about the G80 rear diff and some hate it while others like it. If free would it be better than the open diff in my 240?

I have read where you can block off the back of the 940 head where the distributor is on these and use the 240 location with a "crab" distributor cap. The downfall people talk about being that in order to remove the distributor you need to remove the head. I am not sure I would be worried about having to remove and install the distributor multiple times. I know shorter/modified bodied ones can be had if I want to go that route. Just an added cost.

MSGGrunt 07-15-2018 07:17 AM

What are BOTH ECUs? Locations?

Is the injector resistor packs not part of the motor or is it something attached to the firewall or fender?

EivlEvo 07-15-2018 02:03 PM

Both ECUs. The LH computer (fuel) and the EZK (ignition) they're both in the pax footwell. The LH is on the fender side and the EZK is on the firewall side. Really easy to grab/get to. (Although now that I type this all... that's on a 240... I'm not sure about the 940's.

Injector pack I also don't know for sure since I never bothered to mess with them but iirc it's on the left side fender near the power stage? But don't quote me on that.

If you're yanking the trans anyway grabbing the diff IF it has a G80 is probably worth it. It's definitely crap but also better than open.

permavirgin777 07-15-2018 02:20 PM

EZK on a 940 is above the pedal assembly. ECU is under the glove compartment, to the right, under the plastic interior trim cover.



MSGGrunt 07-22-2018 09:21 PM

Are the stock 240 fuel pumps up to the task or do I need to grab one or both of them off the 940?

EivlEvo 07-22-2018 11:16 PM

For turbo? They'll be fine until you get crazy.

I'm feeding some 577cc injectors with a 15G at 15psi and it has no issues. Granted I'm probably not close to max on those injectors (yet) but for the standard +T stuff the stock pumps are fine. By the time you need to upgrade you'll be going aftermarket anyhow iirc.

That said, spare parts never hurt. No idea on the nines but on the 240s, the stock fuel sending units (or at least the ball float) are significantly better than the replacements.

MSGGrunt 07-23-2018 08:12 AM

Thanks EivlEvo. Where I will not be buying a whole car I want to "negotiate" as many of the parts as possible. Good to hear that the stock 240 fueling system will keep up with the "stock" 940 turbo motor. I fully needing different fuel pumps, bigger injectors, etc if going with a larger turbo, but for now I will be happy with get the stock turbo motor swapped in and running, then possibly some upgrades.

2manyturbos 07-23-2018 12:04 PM


Originally Posted by MSGGrunt (Post 5829205)
Are the stock 240 fuel pumps up to the task or do I need to grab one or both of them off the 940?

Pull the fuel pumps. Both are higher capacity than your 240 pumps for good reason. You don't need to do anything special as far as the distributor is concerned. Just put the stock 240 plug in the back of the head and swap your 240 distributor and auxiliary shaft over to the 940 engine. The sending unit alone out of that 940 tank is worth $50. A working instrument cluster, $100. The AC components aren't going to do you any good. You might pull the R-134 compressor and sell it to someone else for $50. Test the G80 before you part the car out. If it is good, you can install it in your 240, or, sell it for $125-$150 with the gear set to someone else. The resistor pack is mounted to the inner apron just above the battery. Grab the ignition module while you are at it. It is no different from the one on your 240, however, they are getting expensive these days.

MSGGrunt 08-09-2018 07:28 AM

3 Attachment(s)
The 940 with its motor are now parked in my driveway waiting for me to have the time to pull the engine/transmission.

A couple more questions about the things that won't fit off the 940, mainly the radiator and intercooler. I want as stock a swap as possible, so what year, make and model 240/740/760 etc would I use to plug into any of the online venders sites to buy a new radiator and intercooler that would be a direct bolt in into my 1990 240? I know the radiator support can be modified to make the 940 fit, but I'd rather spend the money on the correct fitting parts, especially since I would be replacing the 23 year old radiator while I'm doing the swap anyway.

soclosenotnear 08-09-2018 07:32 AM

The newer stuff can be made to work and fit well, and also allow the efan to bolt on without issue. It is an improved design.

But the other style is 1991 and earlier.

MSGGrunt 08-09-2018 08:07 AM

Maybe I'll reserve not using the 940 stuff until I see how it fits.

MSGGrunt 08-13-2018 01:46 PM

As I start to prepare the motor and transmission for removal and taking things apart I have a questions...

I know I need to keep the two computers, but do I need to keep any of the 940's wiring harness?

ZVOLV 08-14-2018 11:15 PM

I would snip the MAF pigtail and grab the resistor pack and wiring pigtail.

The computers plug right into your 240 harness. Just relocate the MAF and run the rez pack with the greentops.

MSGGrunt 08-15-2018 07:25 PM

That was what I was thinking, but wanted to make sure. I didn't want to damage anything critical.

K9 240 08-16-2018 03:12 AM

If you're buying new, there are 740 or 940 radiators you can get that are the same width as the 740/940, but aren't as deep. They don't have the part that hangs below the crossmenber.
They fit in the 240 with minimum effort and use up the empty space left when you remove the n/a airbox. The electric radiator/shroud fits on without problem. I don't know if these were just a European thing or not, but I bought one off ebay without problem.

ZVOLV 08-16-2018 01:10 PM

I always put the engine on the stand and do all the gaskets before installing it.

Duder 08-16-2018 04:28 PM

240 Turbo intercooler and radiator will work, along with the charge plumbing. I have a 240 Turbo intercooler and a 240 3-row brass radiator in my 242 with a B230FT. You'll have to cut the 940 coolant lines short as the rad is closer to the engine on a 240, but it works. The 940 Turbo airbox will not fit the 240 without major surgery to the bottom half, but it's doable if you like plastics/composites projects. Use the engine wiring harness from the 240, modified as others have said. ECU and EZK from teh 940 will plug right into your 240 harness in the stock locations under the dash.

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