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Originally Posted by stoni View Post
look at this:
If i raise the pressure from 3 to 3.8 bar with the normal 310cc green tops from the FT i will get also 392cc/min. I need inj. which provides 390-410cc with 3 bar.
probably not. Bernoulli's law.

p = .5 * rho * velocity^2

increase the pressure with factor x, the velocity increases with x^0.5.
Velocity * area = volume flow.
doubling the pressure will give 2^0.5 = 1.41 times as much fuel. Theoretically.

I dunno if efi injectors follow this rule exactly (because of the internal valve etc), but oil nozzles do.
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Don't forget about properly seasoning it on HF jackstands for a couple years whilst dreaming about big powah 'goals'.
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