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Originally Posted by Matt Dupuis View Post
kambarr plates!
just you wait until I can sell my next kidney to afford manlyman shocks.

Originally Posted by qwkswede View Post
Great project. Its looking really good. Red 16v wagons are the best!! I'd love to see some video and hear it with the motor more sorted out and running good. It sure revs nicely.
Thanks bud! Yours is an inspiration as well!

Originally Posted by 500dollar744ti View Post
i didn't know your car was +16v... that must have an excellent power band at the AutoX... so is that a b204gt intake? good work
Yep, B204GT intake. Power band is pretty meaty and fun. Rev limit's at 5k right now due to a stamped water pump that I don't want kersploding at 7, where it feels like it'll happily wind up to.

Originally Posted by safracr View Post
Needs more videos
Roger that, I'm charging the camera battery now. You should come up to B'ham and be cameraman, my girlfriend refuses to come within a few miles of my car without ear protection.

I'm looking to buy, PM me if you've got any of it: LS bits, 93 850 bumper, ford 8.8", T5 WC, T56, Mustang IRS

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