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There's a gif for that.
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Originally Posted by 242Bleek View Post
It sounds really good, big displacement 16v 4cyl FTW. 1.6L honda 16V sounds ****ty.Looks like oodles of N/A fun
It's got more of the K20 yell than like a B16 fart, methinks. Still pretty heinous and loud though.

Originally Posted by badvlvo View Post
I like the wagon. I would have really liked to see it if I had been able to make ipd this year but I was too far away.
No worries, there's always next year.

Originally Posted by safracer
Needs more videos
Gotcha covered.

I'm looking to buy the following - PM me if you've got any of it: LS coils, 93 850 bumper, ford 8.8", T56

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