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Originally Posted by qwkswede View Post
Yeah, I like that last vid. The motor really sounds smoother than the videos from the beginning. How do you go about getting those Youtube videos to show up in the post like that? Thats pretty neat.
Most YouTube videos can be embedded, they include a little snippet of HTML on the page with the video, usually.

Originally Posted by qwkswede
What rpm do you typically shift at? It seems to really sing up there in the revs. I'm always surpised that my motor doesn't rev any better than it does. But I have a bit of an exhaust restriction ie. turbo. Its kinda like a banana in the tailpipe at high rpm.
Rev limit's a 5k now, and it really doesn't come alive until 4k. I've got an unknown age oil pump gear on there and an unhappy water pump so I'm not winding it out yet. It's one of those things that's right up there on top of the list (I even have the parts on the shelf) but then it gets preempted by things like, oh, holes in the car. Then it's apart for so long that I'm really hesitant to take it apart again, because I just want to enjoy it again.

edit: It's got a JDM motor, it pulls like crazy in top end.

Originally Posted by Hank Scorpio View Post
Did you try upping the timing yet?
Yep. Fuel map is getting pretty close, EGO is within 10% or so most places, so I've finally started to look at the timing map before I head back to the fuel again. Ignition timing is a really really weird black art to me still, and some of the things don't entirely make sense. Like at 70-80kpa and 2000RPM, I'm feeding in crazy advance for it to not stutter. Try 40 degrees crazy. I'm thinking it might have to do with the B204's really short runners, I pull it back to a more sane 25ish in the top end IIRC. There's no audible ping, and more importantly, the plugs look really happy and dandy. The #2 plug is showing signs of a leaky injector though, and is what's causing that low-end misfire I think. 945ti's got a hookup on some cleaned greenies that I'll be putting in, but I'm not going to touch hardware until after the Lynden meet in a couple weekends.
I'm not going to tune that much around the bad injector, but I am going to mess around with warmups, accels, etc. and maybe fit up a K-jet idle valve.

I'm looking to buy, PM me if you've got any of it: LS bits, 93 850 bumper, ford 8.8", T5 WC, T56, Mustang IRS

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