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Default Stage Zero "modifications"

While there are some good points made in the post above, I feel that the author failed in his attempt to properly inform the new person about the requirements of Stage Zero.

To that end, I have compiled a small list of items that should be considered mandatory for anyone who cares about their brick. I mean if you don't care if the car runs next week, by all means go ahead and shoot for 18 psi. Just don't expect any sympathy if suddenly you have a change of heart and decide to keep the car after it explodes in your face.

The first steps should be carried out immediately after purchasing/ inheriting/ finding your "new" Volvo.
  1. Change the oil and flush the coolant
  2. Inspect the hoses and belts
  3. Check the tire pressure and make sure that nothing is about to fall off of the car

Assuming that the car runs, you can start on the list below:

-Remove and clean the positive crankcase ventilation breather and associated hoses.
- this may require removal of the intake manifold, but that is okay. Your car probably needs a new intake gasket anyway

Oil leaks should be fixed first.
  1. Valve cover gasket/ half moon seal
  2. Oil cap seal
  3. Turbo return line o-ring
  4. Turbo return and feed gaskets
  5. Distributor o-ring (740/ 940)
  6. Front/ Rear engine seals (AKA crank/ cam/ aux shaft and rear-main)
  7. Oil pan gasket

  • Inspect wiring harness for damaged wires - Extremely common problem in ALL Volvos built before 93!!! The wires degrade when exposed to oil and long periods of heat
  • 240 models only - clean fuseblock and replace fuses
  • 740 models only - remove foam insert in airbox
  • 740 models only - inspect (or remove) preheat bypass valve - this will cause multiple AMM failures if not replaced when faulty!
  • Change timing belt and accessory belts
  • Check base timing
  • Flush coolant (if not done before)
  • Inspect hoses/ waterpump
  • Replace spark plugs
  • Inspect cap, rotor and wires
  • Replace air filter
  • Replace thermostat
  • Change heater hoses
  • Replace heater valve (740/ 940?)
  • Flush transmission fluid (auto and manual)
  • Adjust kickdown cable (automatics)
  • Adjust clutch cable (manual transmission)
  • Check all suspension bolts/ bushings
  • Inspect brake hardware and pads/ rotors
  • Flush brake fluid
  • Replace fuel filter (main and in-tank - replace fuel line in tank as needed)
  • Inspect transmission/ rear-end for leaks
  • Replace rear-end fluid
  • Inspect/ replace vaccum lines
  • replace check valves for CBV and Brake Booster
  • inspect turbo hoses for softness or tears - look for oil inside hoses, replace as needed

Congratulations! you have just done a 30,000 mile service on your car and it no longer leaks oil!

If the car is still running good at this point it is probably okay to bump the psi by at least 2 points. Just make sure that you have a calibrated boost gauge!!!

Before going crazy with the MBC there are a few more things that need to be done:
  • Replace intake gasket
  • Replace throttle body gasket
  • Replace battery clamps - I use high quality audio competition type
  • Replace ground wire for alternator
  • Replace voltage regulator
  • Check voltage draw on main and intake fuel pump (varies by model - do search for specifics)
  • Check fuel pressure
  • Replace injector o-rings
  • Have injectors professionally cleaned
  • Buy a high flow catalytic converter
  • Start saving money for stage 1!!!

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