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Originally Posted by beepee View Post

Unless ipdown wants to help me figure out how to re-purpose one of the coding plugs as an ADC for WB02 input for LH. That would give us support for any wideband with configurable voltage output in about ten minutes....
That would not be easy thing, unless we rewrite LH firmware or port megasquirt to it .
Actually we have enough hw info to run standalone application in it. I did it some time ago,
written in C, not assemby. It works, but it is a lot of work and testing to make a reliable system.

Very cool, we have live data from LH
Check the following ram addresses: 0xC3 - 0xCA, these are ADC buffers:
0xC3 is AMM raw value
0xC4 is voltage (I think)
0xC5 is AMM pot
0xC6 is CLT
0xC7 is unused???
0xC8 is unused???
0xC9 is pin 19 (code plug)
0xCA is pin 29 (code plug)

As for logging AFR from WB02 - I've made this weekend very simple logger from an tiny13 mcu and an FTDI - soft uart at 115200, 2 adc channels - MAP (MPX4250 sensor) and AFR (NAW 7S linear 0-5v out). The thing continously sends 6 byte packet 0x55 (sync byte), ADC1 lobyte, ADC1 hibyte, ADC2 lobyte, ADC2 hibyte, 6th byte is complemented xor checksum of the previous bytes. Works perfectly, here is sample log, you can see how lean I am running:

For interested, here is all the stuff:

I plan to use this thingie to implement auto tune feature (for myself) in when the weather gets better.. Lambda off, Ostrich tracing (current cell) + map/afr feedback => auto tune.

And finally a pic taken from yahoo group BoschDME which would help better understand
load value used to index the maps:
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