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Originally Posted by resa850 View Post
I'm bringing an easy up, a card table and a few folding chairs. I have stamps too if needed. One in particular has my face on it

I'm also planning on bringing my off brand shade tent with a few of my garden tarps for side shading (as needed).

If anyone else has one, please bring it-- we could set them all up together and make a nice big shaded area for everyone to share.


For those of you who have not been to the Sacramento area in a while, remember that it can heat up quickly here and stay hot for a while (especially on blacktop).

So, in addition to bringing your own lunches, please also bring lots and lots of water (and maybe other electrolyte-type drinks too).

As Mark has mentioned, the site is very exposed, so please bring as many shade options as you can to protect yourselves (and to share) from the sun (tent, umbrella, hat, long sleeve shirt, etc.) and sunscreen.

(Right now the forecast for Saturday, May 14th is 76 degrees, which would be great, but come prepared for heat, just in case...)

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