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Originally Posted by linuxman51 View Post
a single dis-similar cam pulse would be all you would need, actually. you wouldn't have to run the 2.4 flywheel. if the interpreter is looking for a single window of size = X every 720 degrees, you can then use that as a home/tdc/whatever signal and run sequential ignition.
Exactly. You would be getting sequential pretty much for free. Sequential with LH2.4 would probably be easiest with a modded 2.2 distributor. Assuming I had the hall sensor piped to my current circuit and two more outputs, it should only require about 10 extra lines of code to enable sequential spark.

Originally Posted by beepee View Post
If you run an EGR EZK with non-EGR code it will most likely ignore the EGR stuff.

Anyway, EGR sucks. Tonight I'll try and repurpose the EGR output. If I can figure out which pin on the CPU is used for EGR, I will do a find and replace on the disassembly of the EZK code that ipdown provided me with.

My idea is: tell the EZK that spark output = EGR output. Recompile, upload, put the scope on the EGR terminal and see if it is usable for driving an ignition module. And if it is, then celebrate and proceed.

Step two would be to determine which spark event we were on. The EZK fires twice per engine revolution, so we would want the 1st to always occur on the normal spark output, then have the second always occur on the (theoretical) hijacked EGR output. Of course, these might need to be switched.... but you just need to swap wires/coil packs and you should be in business.

The next step would be to adjust the dwell.. which should be a matter of locating and changing it in a table/list somewhere.

Then, finally, send it to kenny so that it can melt his wagon into an unrecognisable lump of ****.
This sounds like a great idea. Don't move too quickly, or my hardware solution will be outmoded before I even get it up and running. Figuring out which output to send where shouldn't be too difficult. There has to be some register somewhere containing the current tooth count.

Here's the latest on the wasted spark stuff.

Whipped up a small circuit board for the AVR, the two transistors, and an ISP header. Note the DIP socket in case I torch the AVR.

Added a connector to the back for the spark outputs:

All buttoned up and ready to rock. The grey box has two ISL9V3040P3 IGBTs in it to drive the coils.

Meeting the owner of this EZK box tomorrow to hook everything up. Hopefully we can make some sparks.
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