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Here is a list of classes this year, bring em out!

Stock 444/544
Modified 444/544
Stock 122
Modified 122
Stock P1800
Modified P1800
Stock 140 Series
Modified 140 Series
Stock 240 Series
Modified 240 Series
Stock 700/900 Series
Modified 700/900 Series
Stock 850/70 series 1993-2000
Modified 850/70 series 1993-2000
Stock S60 V70 C70 series 2001-2009
Modified S60 V70 C70 series 2001-2009
Stock XC XC60 XC70 XC90
Modified XC XC60 XC70 XC90
Stock 40/50 Series S40 V40 V50
Modified 40/50 Series S40 V40 V50
Stock C30
Modified C30

1996 2.3l short block, upgraded water jacketing, polished ports, back cut valves, S60R exhaust manifold, 18T turbocharger, 3" SS down pipe, w/ cat, muffler, and resonator. Turbo-Tuner ECU, Aquamist, 465cc injectors, custom cams, M56L w/ bronze shift forks, Quaffe diff. That's the short list...

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