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Default More high speed data logging fun

So I modified a NA EZK box and put my chipped Turbo EZK guts inside:

That gives me access to clip onto each terminal. In addition to the AMM signal (direct wire), I hooked on to pin 13, knock sensor signal, pin 16, ignition pulses (had to use a 2x voltage divider as it is a 10V signal), and pin 17, conditioned VR signal to ECU. I upped the collection frequency to 9kHz, which should give me 4 degree resolution on the crank at 6000 rpm which means 2 degree resolution for the cam (again at 6000 rpm). Resolution will be better at lower rpms. I can go up to 50kHz, which would give me sub 1 degree crank resolution at 6krpm, but only for a single channel, maybe two. I'll learn more as I play around. Again, I idled the car for a few seconds, then floored it until I hit 80ish. This was not a launch... that will come after the local track opens. Here's the results:


And WOT:

I generated over 14MB of data in just 16 seconds. Now I just have to analyze it all. I should be able to get ignition advance vs rpm, see if I'm having any detonation, and plot air intake vs. rpm, plus??? This is just getting started, there will be more (intake pressure, intake temperature, EGT, various AMMs, ???)

First though, does anyone know where the missing tooth (teeth?) is for the VR sensor. I assume it is a hall effect sensor that measures a gear in the bell housing? Is the square wave leading edge at TDC for cylinder 1? It looks like there must be a second missing tooth, maybe at BDC for cylinder 1... I need to know since it is the reference for where the crank is. Thanks!
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