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Originally Posted by crogthomas View Post
Great stuff. I was about to try doing something similar myself to see how close to the limit of the AMM I am. My logger only reads at 10Hz though, so I won't get such detailed information. I may try finding a better logger. What would you say would be the minimum sample rate I could get away with?
Depends on what you want to do. If you just want to know if your AMM is maxed, the info on TB seems accurate (At 15 psi with a 15g, the stock 016 AMM is maxed by 3500-4000 rpm). Honestly, what I'm playing around with is interesting, but is probably overkill for a 160k tractor motor running 15 lbs of boost. For checking sensor function, etc, a low data collection rate is probably fine. If you want to start looking at ignition mapping, etc, you need to have a data rate above what you're trying to measure. For example, 6000 rpm is 100Hz. If you are measuring crank rotation, you'll want a minimum of 360 points per rotation or 36kHz for 1 degree resolution.

That said, check out They aren't plug and play data loggers and they're not exactly cheap, but I'm pretty impressed with what they can do.
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