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So here's the VR sensor output (pin 23 in the EZK), the engine speed output to the ECU (EZK 17), and the Ignition pulses (EZK 16) at idle and acceleration. Data acquisition rate 13.5kHz. Count em' if u can: 58 teeff an two missin' uns. So it looks like TDC may be the trailing edge of the square wave (when it goes low)? That makes me wonder if the spark is triggered high or low. Anyone know for sure? This means my ignition timing calculations in my other post were off. Still, the engine speed pulses occur at the same spot regardless of engine speed so relatively speaking, the results are the same, my car seems to be pulling timing.

I'll have to data log at a much higher acquisition rate (50kHz, which means only 1 channel, the VR) to be able to show the crank accelerating through a power stroke. I need to be able to better resolve the time difference between the peaks created by the teeth. I'll get to that in a few days.

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