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Originally Posted by sbabbs View Post
Did you see that you can tune the lh 2.2 eZK also? Just have to cut the 40 pin dip chip out of the ezk and get some blank chips and a 40 pin dip programmer. I can do it. I posted a tunerpro XDF for tuning the lh 2.2 ignition bins. Early style 2.2 ezk required with the two boards inside the box. Not for the later motorolla single board 2.2 ezk. Also turbo 012 or NA 011 2.2 ezk doesn't matter same depends on the chip you burn for turbo or not either will work for either.
Cool! Did you make a thread on the EZK modding? Is there a pic of the board difference, or a date code to look for? I have two 012 & one 011 modules.

EDIT - found your thread with the zip file

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