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Well, today was a sad day for me. I finally sold the car and it's on it's way to Colorado. Not something I really wanted to do as it's faster than it's ever been but it was the right thing for me to do financially. I was contacted by the new owner on LS1 tech a couple months ago, he wanted to buy it but I wasn't done with the upgrades and he didn't have all the money. Everything finally worked out and we made the deal. I hope he has as much fun in it as I have. By far the best car I have ever built, regardless of budget, it just worked and everybody loved it.

I do have full intentions of building a replacement though. I am set on a 142, if anybody has a line on a good one please let me know. I only need a body, drivetrain/sespension/brakes are of no use to me.

Couple goodbye pics.

83 242, Turbo 6.0 LSX, E85, TH400, 8.8, 10.3@135
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