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Goerge took the car to a 1/2 mile air strip race, went 159.9mph on the 17" street tires. First race he took down a new Lamborghini Hurucan, wish I could have been there to see that. He started a facebook page if any of you want to follow along. Couldn't have asked for a better guy to end up with the car, he's definitely using it properly.

I finally picked up a new project for myself too. It's a vw notchback, the vw guys are going to hate it but I'm going to build a chassis for it and give it the turbo lsx treatment. Looks bad in the pic but I have all the important pieces and got it for 200 bucks so its perfect for me. 95" wheelbase, 2400 lbs, 800 hp should be pretty fun. Normally these cars would have been out of my price range but seems that junk 142's are too nowadays. I just happened to get a killer deal on it so I had to do it.

Mudflaps are puttin in work ^^^^

83 242, Turbo 6.0 LSX, E85, TH400, 8.8, 10.3@135
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