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Post Installing my wasted spark

After I followed the wasted spark initiatives from Karl Buchka and Blabla (Martijn) I could not wait to install this because imho it would be a huge improvement in fuel consumption and "burn" efficiency.

I bought the Buchka board but used the Blabla board that i bought too, and only because it was easyer communicating for me living in Holland (so does Blabla as you probably know).

The only thing I hated from the start was the mounting of the bracket most people did, it looked so DIY and "not original". So i decided to fab my own bracket from scratch and put it elsewhere (see pictures below).

This is the Blabla board that must be soldered in to the EZK

And I bought some soldering equipment because I had nothing, soldering was not part of my system lol.

And some other well known goodies.

Making the cable from yunkyard stuff i collected.

And the finished tiny board ready to be married to the EZK

And allmost done now.

Sexy looks

After this was done I was going to make a brace from a piece of scrap Aluminium from an Alumnium illuminated sign, in the Netherlands we say "he, who is not strong. must be smart" ahum. This was done from a paper mold that i made first to have the correct measurements.

And finally test fitting, looks good i think.

The final fitting.. I did make an other cable, this one was a bit too long and had a strange angle towards the bobine or DIS. The DIS was from a Alfa Romeo and the powerstage from a Volvo 960. I will make a picture tomorrow with an overview of the engine bay and how it sits.

The latest "overview" picture.

The WS is working very well and without any malfunction or other oddities. As stated before a much stronger spark, better throttle response and last but not least better fuel economy. So a win/win situation in my case,
I can really recommend it to you.
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