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I use a 70 degree bowl cut, 45, 30, seats around 40 thou. My flow bench is as low tech as it gets, manometer and a leaf blower with a mock up cylinder - so measurements are relative not absolute. I welded the head with NiRod and preheated on my BBQ and post heat with cooling in a sandbox. The head cleaned up with a few thou worth of warp. I can't find my pics of the finished welded's out in the garage sitting on my engine. No clue why I didn't take shots of it done. The welded area goes from the seat to the port exit. The project has gone in a different direction and this engine has not been run. It'll go in the next project car.

Combustion chamber shape.

Working out the fill - dots are where the pressure was probed to keep the measurements consistent.

Right side of the port.

Left side of the port.

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