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The most common leak are the large black plastic plugs located behind each kick panel, these snap in place and have simple foam rubber o-ring like gasket (sorta same type material used for tail light assembly gaskets. A lot of water passes over these and the seals don't last. My friend's shop pulls them out and coats the seal area with 3M window-weld urethane rubber. They are murder to get out without breaking though, I've learned how to do it with a combination of different type pry bars, you have to pry it out from the forward edge, but otherwise it's near impossible. I'd recommend leaving it in place and cleaning around the edges with alcohol/paint thinner, let it dry thoroughly then apply a good amount of urethane around the edges to seal it up. Be real careful with the urethane, it is super messy and very hard to clean up after, wear gloves and line the car with plastic bags or similar first.
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