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Originally Posted by Hank Scorpio
Fred, about the "pulse width extender". I've use similar piggybacks (that work after the ECU) and found any change in duty cycle in closed loop causes the ECU to flip out. So Im not really sure how viable that option is.
Yes, I totally agree. You can´t just flick the switch on the dash and think that everything will be allright and that the car is going to run fine on the other fuel again. It has to re-learn and that is when it gets nasty. The ECU will definitely freak out.

You can´t really do it while you drive, but you can actually do it with the car shut off. I have actually tried it.

Honestly, I didn´t like it...

Originally Posted by Hank Scorpio
Also, wouldn't we need to reprogram the ecu's in closed loop to look for a different target AFR than 14.7:1?
No. The narrow band lambda sensor doesn´t have a clue about AFR, only lambda.

The ECU will tune to lambda=1 on idle regardless of the fuel used, and lambda=1 for E85 is 9.8.
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