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In response to BDKR´s post:
To me it looks like all those quotes are regarding gasoline with alcohol content (gasohol of different degrees), and that is what most people are referring to in discussions like this. E85 is an alcohol fuel and is not really directly linked to gasoline.

I do agree with you in your claims there Terrence, and I know that gasoline with alcohol content has a negative impact on many engines, both when it comes to longevity/durability and mileage/fuel-economy:
* Most of the engines that gasohol is used in are not optimised for it.
* It is actually proven that engines run like crap on gasohol.
* A blend of gasoline and 25-40% of E85 is not going to do anything for an engine that is not optimized, but may ruin it really quick since it will run too lean.
* E85 with a gasoline content is another thing and if the engine is optimized for it, it will be performing better than the gasoline counterpart.

Did I interpret your post correctly?

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