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Originally Posted by Tabor
I want to convert my K-Jet car. Do you know WHICH parts are not resistant? Is it the fuel lines or... ?
Probably most of the natural rubber and cork gasketed parts in pumps, connections, distributors etc.

Cars before 1988 was not certified or tested for E5 or E10 (normally referred to as gasohol and it is the most common fuel in the pumps all over the world today). Yes, E5 or E10 is the ordinary gasoline sold, and E5 and E10 is referring to the percentage of ethanol that is blended into the gasoline.

Cars newer than 1988 is certified for use with E10 and will tolerate ethanol.

There are many cars made before 1988 that will tolerate E85, though they are not certified for it. I donīt know if the pre-1988 K-jet Volvoīs can tolerate it or not because I canīt find a list over compatible pre-1988 cars at the moment.

Here is a link to a private page with a list of some of the people that have tried to convert their cars to E85:

The link is written in Swedish and if you want to ask about a translation of some part, please send me a PM and I will respond as soon as possible.
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