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What is the avg. difference in iat?
Before the point of injection there is of course no change in IAT, but after the point of injection the intake charge is being cooled a lot more than with gas because of the low AFR numbers.

Originally Posted by Tick
And how much farther could you go with a heat spacer?
Heat spacer?
Are you talking about one of those thick low-conducting gaskets?

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How much advance and at what psi have you run on it and have you had any sort of ping yet?
I have not tried a lot of advance over what my "redblock chips" already gives, but you can run MUCH more boost because of 104-105 octane and a cooler intake charge.

You can also raise the CR a lot without pinging and thereby increasing the power and fuel-efficiency. I have not done this yet, but it is on my list to do in the future. (Somender Singh´s groove theory is also something I would like to try)

A lot of people that are running LH2.2 have advanced their timing statically with around 10 degrees. How much advance that is possible I do not know, but if you were to advance the timing in the map of LH2.4, MS or any other aftermarket EMS you could probably get equally or better mileage and power with E85 than gasoline.

The only ping I have experienced is heat-induced due to 15-16psi on a 13C at 4500rpm+ on kick-down, and that is what you might expect with the stock turbo/IC at those boost levels actually, regardless of fuel. Also, add the KG2T and a 3" exhaust with race-cat to that equation and you will see that the 13c is miles out of its efficiency range...
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