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Originally Posted by frpe82
Before the point of injection there is of course no change in IAT, but after the point of injection the intake charge is being cooled a lot more than with gas because of the low AFR numbers.
Isn't there an opposite heat-soak effect? Meaning the charge cools the manifold in general, dropping iat at the sensor?

Heat spacer?
Are you talking about one of those thick low-conducting gaskets?
Yeah, like a 25mm spacer to stop heat from the head passing into the manifold.

I have not tried a lot of advance over what my "redblock chips" already gives, but you can run MUCH more boost because of 104-105 octane and a cooler intake charge.
Keep us updated as you push the limits on this experiment further. I'm picturing an icy intake mani and a glowing turbo.

Great write up btw.
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