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aaron (ntrx) had the same kind of issues with his 16v... hence why his car is still not up and running.... he had his issue because hs MS took to much off the valves or something about them being cut wrong. he has tried all kinds of things and last i heard none of them did anything to help it run. tho read up in the 16v faq as i think he posted about the solid lifters needed

Hey lostartofallthingsvolvo,
Would you be able to source the funny Renault lifters that people have talked about on the Forum elsewhere? I wonder how hard it would be to come up with those and a set of adjustment shims too. Sounds difficult.

Yeah. A normal valve job would sink the valves into the head a fair amount. You grind the valves a little, grind the seats a little, and Voila! the valve stem tips are closer to the cam than they are supposed to be. Now, a proper machine shop would cut the tips down to their correct height. If he new things were not adjustable. And I suppose the springs should be shimmed too so that the spring tension isn't lost.
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