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Leakdown, I can do. I guess that would help pinpoint the problem to the intake or exhaust side too. I may try that tonight. Good advice.

Here is the plan:
1. leakdown
2. check for any remaining travel in the lifters when on the backside of the cam by pushing down on the lifter.
3. remove the cams
4. leakdown
5. Reassemble without lifters, and Measure the distance from valve stem tip to the back of the cam, and compare that to the specs for the fully compressed and fully extended lifter.

n_xtrnx 16V turbo FAQ has some good info on the lifters.
Tappets = diameter 35mm/ 1.378"
total heigth 26mm/ 1.024"
distance to top of valve, unloaded 18.40mm/ 0.724"
loaded 16.15mm/ 0.636"
Springs, length unloaded, 43.0mm/ 1.6929"
length loaded 212-252N, 37mm/ 1.45669"
length loaded 600-680N, 26.5mm/ 1.0433"

Oh, and I found the fantastic thread with reground 16v cam info too.

I'll give American Cams a call once I am more sure of my problem and have some specs in mind.

What an annoying problem, though it might turn out good. I'm wondering how those grinds that Aaron made are working out performance wise.
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