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Default 1967 Volvo 1800s - The Second Time Around

After a very long search I was finally able to find a '67 1800s that was never ever rusted or accident damaged last summer. All of the original body seams and spot welds are also intact on this car. It replaces an identical one owned about 1980, before parting it out because it was just to too rusty to rebuild.

The seller sent me over 100 photos of the car while it was being partially restored that included photos of a full glass out and stripped to bare metal prep for new paint. The original to the car B18 engine with a 10.5:1 CR and 115 hp and the trans with an overdrive were removed and rebuilt. At the same time and the engine compartment and the trunk were also detailed and painted along with the window openings on the inside of the body.

After asking detailed photos of the bottom of the car up on a lift it looked excellent so a flight was booked to northern New Brunswick, CAN to go check it out. Usually I buy a project and do it myself, but the less costly way and quicker way to go the long run if you can find one like this. It all checked out very well, was purchased, and then driven 850 miles back home to Vermont without any problems.

Have been able to trace it back to it to being a New England car in the past, but this one has led a very sheltered life and apparently has spent most of its life under cover for years. Other than the new paint and the recovered leather front seats it is largely original.

The 1800s has been used as a daily driver ever day since returning home with it and over 5K miles have been put on it since then. It was taken off the road before the first snow storm arrived as lots of road salt is used here on the roads.

The value of these cars has be sky rocketed lately and to protect the investment in this car only going to get period bolt on high performance parts. All of the original take off parts have and will be be carefully stored and and identified so the car can be returned to back to stock in the future in a week or so if needed, and all will be kept with the car.

Photos taken last fall show that the bumpers have been removed as I prefer the looks of the bodywork without them and at the same time about a 100 lbs. of weight is removed. Halibrand "kidney bean" 15" x 7" wheels w/knock off pin-drive hubs have been found and installed and also Swedish Lesj÷fors 30mm drop progressive rate springs that keep both the front end and rear at a good height for optimal handling. The Koni "Classic" period correct adjustable shocks have been fine-tuned for all around use just like in the old days (all four shocks can be adjusted in about 45-minutes). The ride is firm and comfortable but not harsh and it now handles extremely well.

A lot of changes are going on with it this winter, the front end is being rebuilt and more details will be added soon.
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