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Default Getting serious: headwork

For part 2 of the build, it was time to get into some headwork, I chose to go for a mild port and polish, with cleanup of the valve seat to port area, slightly worked valve guides, a controversial dimple port since the stock volvo injectors which I intend to use in pairs are not really great in terms of atomisation. The head worked was a 530 casting, since this was my first experience porting, and 531's are hard to come by.

The stock head ready for disassembly

The stock port

Reworking the sharp edges and blending the valve seat and port gently with the dremel tool

Deshrouding the valves with the head gasket for reference

Changing the chambers to more represent the 531 head in terms of flame front propegation from the sparkplug

The finished chamber, dimple port also included

Polished up the valves to a shine in the drill press with cloth to protect the surface

Relapping the valves

CC'ing the chambers, worked out well

Installing KGTrimmning dual valve spring kit with light weight retainers, ready for 7k rpm

Assembled head, ready for installation, only relube and chamber polish required.
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